Re: Milk tea or coffee without sugar is disgusting...

I extremely dislike sugar itself that I avoid eating/drinking most sugary stuff, and naturally, it includes coffee and (milk) tea. Sugar overwhelms the original taste of whatever was in there, leaving only a sickly sweet taste that, honestly, makes me want to throw up.

Milk tea, if made right, is amazing as you can feel the swirl of the milk soothening the insides of your mouth while having the rich taste of the tea as you gulp the drink down. Adding sugar would just ruin the mix of two very amazing ingredients. I don't drink much coffee, but my stance is still the same. Sweetness for me is such a strong and disgusting taste that just takes over whatever taste the drink originally had. An exception would be bubble tea where I can tolerate a little sweetness, but that's just because most of the time, chewing the boba takes most of the taste already, and the little bits of syrup are just there to fill in the gaps.

So... yea, I would argue that milk tea/coffee WITH sugar is disgusting.

Re: Milk tea or coffee without sugar is disgusting...

I think coffee smells great. It tastes like butt, though. Aside from the nice smell and caffeine, people are just having a laugh when they say they like the taste. BAH! You can't fool me!

Tea is more of a challenge to handwave away. I like a good black tea with milk and a little bit of sugar. But many of the fruit teas and green tea I only drink plain without sugar since it overwhelms the taste and you may as well be drinking that sugar filled bottled garbage they sell at the convenience store if you want the sugar. (check how much sugar they add to that stuff next time you see it!).

People who drink piping hot black coffee are just inhuman, though. MMM yummy burned tastebuds and asphalt, my favourite!

Re: Milk tea or coffee without sugar is disgusting...

I'm a sucker for sweet drinks, though I tend to use honey over straight sugar. Masala chai with a dash of honey, yum. Mint tea doesn't need sugar if it's good mint, but a bit of sugar or honey in there certainly doesn't hurt (I wouldn't add milk though). As far as milk teas go, the only one I've really tried is a creamly brulee oreo with cheese milk tea from some place in the city, and I absolutely love it. Just thinking about it makes me want it. Otherwise, I can get by drinking tea without sugar, especially when it's good quality tea (and made by my Chinese friend who takes his tea very seriously); a good quality Jasmine or Chinese Green Tea is pretty good on its own, but I have never been able to get into coffee.