Re: Review swap for a story that isn't the RR usual

Speaking of Necromancers, I would love to do a review swap with you! My story is called Drinker of the Yew, and it is also about a necromancer, but she's quite different than your's. No romance, and it's certainly not Victorian, but we're certainly kindred spirits when it comes to liking poetic language.  I'll read the first 5 chapters (or more) of your book (and I've already begun to read) and throw you a review if you can give me a review.

Thanks :) 

Re: Review swap for a story that isn't the RR usual


Slaynoir Wrote: Legacy is off the bat dark while Fire Emblem is more or less slow but will work into it. I've only a first chapter for both if you don't mind, I've never really done this before so I don't know if anyone will even like them or want more. Seisen isn't really dark but will also get there in the later chapters.

For review swaps/advanced reviews, I think you need at least 10,000 words written. At the moment you have one chapter of each story- I would try and focus on one until you have more written. Write what you want to write, and readers will show up :) It's hard to judge with only a few pages done.

Re: Review swap for a story that isn't the RR usual


VMJaskiernia Wrote:
KittraMcBriar Wrote: One of my stories, Stormstruck, is a paranormal fantasy romance in a modern/high tech setting with gothic overtones, necromancy, and all kinds of magical monster-related things. If it sounds interesting to you and you’re not already inundated, I’d love to swap :)

Sounds great :) Left you a review!

Thanks so much! Just got home and started on your story, and I’m enjoying it so far :) review to come shortly