Re: Reposting a Story?

I've been publishing a story that has had some issues. For example, I used the second-person perspective when it didn't quite fit the needs for the narrative.

It's an issue that's pervasive throughout the... 230K words of the story so far, and I was wondering on changing that.

Since this change falls into that weird limbo between "rewrite" and "minor edit", I was wondering which side of things would be advisable: 

To just repost the whole thing with the edits/changes/grammar style improvements (which would mean dumping 80+ chapters in a very short period of time)...

Or to work my way through the story and change it as I go (meaning readers will start the story with the "new" perspective and then stumble into the older one at some point, up and until I get the whole thing updated).

Which would be best? Has this happened before in the community? Any wisdom to share?

Re: Reposting a Story?

Personally I'd consider a change in perspective a major change. I've seen authors start posting revised versions of their works while keeping the original posted. This would allow consistency for new readers although there would be a lag between the two works. Since you're planning on editing your work anyway, this approach wouldn't be that much additional work. Whatever, you choose to do be sure to let your readers know what's going on. A note in the chapter notes should be sufficient.