Re: Can we talk about the emojis?

Introducing the well known 
Peo:  PeoloveU

Drakan:  DrakanAmused

They were initially totally not based on anyone's persona. XD 

I am currently amused, and thinking about how wonderful those emojis arepeogiggle . Aren't they? (responses that don't agree with this, will be met with  Peopew)

I was about to ask more serious questions. But, I'm just feeling generally random. Hope you, oh wonderful reader of this post, are doing well! 
Thank you for using Royal Road - keep being awesome your highness! 

Re: Can we talk about the emojis?

Deep in the mountains lies a beautiful valley where wild emojis roam. The way is treacherous and littered with the bodies of those lured by the call of never before seen emoji. But a brave few have make it. It is they we have to thank for the emoji which roam the Royal Road. Soon another expedition will set out. The risks are great, but the rewards are even greater. Do you have the courage to join?  What say you?

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