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Hello readers and writers!  Allanther here, author of Wizard's Tower.  

I started writing Wizard's Tower around the beginning of April and the more I wrote, the more I noticed the other stories on Royal Road with Wizard and Wizard-adjacent main characters.  Almost like when you buy a car and then start noticing all the people that drive that same type of car.  For me, there's something about powerful magics that can inspire imagination in a way that's just... magical.   (Yes, I did it, please don't hurt me.)

So... I thought, why not find a place where all these wonderful wizardly stories can congregate?  A... Convocation of Wizards!  (Yes, COW is intentional. Again, please don't hurt me).

So, without further testing your patience, I'd like to call to order Royal Road's first Wizardly Conclave. A caucus of conjuring. A meeting of the magical  An assembly of arcane authorities.  A gathering of....(okay, throw me a synonym here).  

 If you are a writer with a wizardly main character (or a reader whose favorite story on this website features a wizard as the main character) please share that story here!  What better place to get and give wizardly recommendations than the recommendations forum?

Wizards Unite!

Re: A Convocation of Wizards!

This is a great idea! The Hedge Wizard would be honoured to join the convocation :D

A Dungeons and Dragons inspired adventure with a realism-focused spin on gamelit.
Hump grew up believing his master was nothing but an ordinary hedge wizard, but when the old man unexpectedly dies, his book of spells binds to Hump’s soul. Now without a master, Hump sets off to find his place in the world, to discover the secrets of magic, and to understand the Book of Infinite Pages.

Re: A Convocation of Wizards!

Thank you for the invitation to this wonderful symposium of the greatest arcane minds of the multiverse!

But if anyone from his new home of Veird found Erick Flatt here, they'd surely try to kill him. Wizards destroyed the Old Cosmology; an entire universe! Everyone knows that.

Erick is still gonna plumb those depths of magical knowledge, though. Magic is fantastic, and making his own spells is only the start of the adventure. Becoming a person of authority and competency is the rest, and he still has a ways to go.

Come read about him (and his grown daughter who also fell to Veird with him) here at Ar'Kendrithyst!

Re: A Convocation of Wizards!

I write Confessions of the Magpie Wizard! The first two books are only available in sample form, since the series has gone to Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited, but I have summaries of the plots. Book 3 is getting into the endgame, which has been a long road!

Confessions of the Magpie Wizard | Royal Road

The series is the memoirs of Soren Marlowe, an aged wizard in a world where the forces of Hell invaded in the year 2050. His secret? He's one of the demons. He would tell you that he only stuck around for convenience. He can be a bit of an unreliable narrator, though. 

Think The Screwtape Letters meets The Asterisk War.

Re: A Convocation of Wizards!


Thank you Allanthar for the invitation to this mighty gathering, for being the Saruman of our little group.

Here's, my story, The Mark of the Fool for your consideration!

After his parents died, Alex Roth had a plan: become a wizard. Through hard work, he was accepted into the world’s greatest university of wizardry—but fate had another plan.
On his eighteenth, he is marked as one of his kingdom’s five Heroes, chosen to fight the land’s great enemy. But his brand is 'The Fool', worst of the marks.
Rather than die or serve the other Heroes like Fools in the past, he packs up his little sister, his childhood friend and her cerberus, then flees for the university in hope of refuge, magic and to unravel the truth about his land’s evil. 

There’s one small problem: The Mark tries to ruin magic while enhancing skills outside of divinity, combat and spellcraft.… 

…that is, unless he can learn to exploit the hell out of it.

Check out the full synopsis on the fiction for schedule and more of what to expect!

Re: A Convocation of Wizards!

Is the CoW inclusive of the following:
  • Mage
  • Magus
  • Witch
  • Warlock
  • Sorcerer
  • Enchanter
  • Qi-user (*is there a word for this?)
  • Magicians
  • Spiritualist
  • Thaumaturge
  • Mystic
  • Conjurer
  • Sage
  • Mancer
Well, I hope so.  Here's my short list sorted alphabetically by author:

Title (Link), Author, Status, Blurb
Eight, 3seed, Hiatus, An old man reincarnates as an eight year old in a forest, and gets seriously into using LitRPG magic to bushcraft.  Notable for its spiritualism, particularly in the Mexican and Native American traditions.
Lily Ex Machina, AcquiHime, Complete, A paragon at an obscure and useless type of magic is trapped in a dungeon.  She becomes bloodthirsty and ruthless, turns herself into magical Iron Man, and shenanigans ensue in the wider world when she gets out.
Restart Again, Adam Ladner, Ongoing, After being isekai’d repeatedly, our protagonist is pretty pissed off. If he chills out a little, maybe he can find romance between kicking ass.
Little Red: A fairy tale RPG, Andrew B. Salmon, Complete, A LitRPG retelling of Little Red Riding Hood.  Very good.
A Demon’s Tail, Andur, Ongoing, Andur’s latest entry, telling the story—alluded to in his other works—of that time that his deuteragonists were demons.
Agent of the Realm?, Andur, Complete, Sequel to The Court of Souls? The daughter infiltrates another dimension and assumes a secret identity as an initial step to opening diplomatic relations.  Of course, she’s a super powerful mage. Romantic interludes with the prince.
Beyond?, Andur, Complete, A mage on a dying world intercepts a summoning ceremony and ends up as in the baby body of the nobility of a demon-like race.
Body and Soul, Andur, Complete, A soul reincarnated as a mage-slave gets her chance to escape.  Drawing on the memories of prior lives, she sets out to gain the power to destroy the empire that enslaved her. Ignore the synopsis provided by the author.
Coeus?, Andur, Complete, In a future where mages have abandoned the mundanes on Earth to live in space, a new technomage propels humanity forward to a leading role on the galactic stage.
Concripted, Andur, Complete, Sequel to Body and Soul and prequel to Until Death. Female lead from Body and Soul died, but became the god of chaos in the next male life and has now been conscripted into a pilot project of the gods to answer prayers of the same world from Body and Soul.  Shenanigans ensue.
Law of Shadows, Andur, Complete, In modern Europe, there is a shadow nobility which hides and protects supernatural creatures, e.g., werewolves, etc. The protagonist is the last of his family line and is very grumpy when problems start piling up within his demesne.
The Court of Souls?, Andur, Complete, Protagonist is reincarnated as a slave in a dimension which is just a singular plane, and society is a crapsack.  Typical Andur rise to power.
Transcendence?, Andur, Complete, A reincarnated soul graduates magic academy, flips his family the finger, and runs off to establish his own fiefdom.  Course the gods consider him just another pawn.  Shenanigans ensue.
Until Death? (Refleshed Version), Andur, Complete, Sequel to Conscripted.  Order and Chaos are reincarnated as demons on a planet hidden from the gods.  Shenanigans ensue, both growing up and after once they come back to godhood.
The Deathseeker [Revised], B for Byrja, Hiatus, Our protagonist has suffered through many lives as the executioner for the gods.  Thinking he finally escaped, he wakes up in the body of a young human and sets off to figure out what’s happening.
The Demonologues, Bizmatech, Hiatus, A female soul takes possession of a homunculus in a magical laboratory.  Barely figuring out her own magic, she escapes only to be trapped in the necropolis remants of an ancient, high-magitech civilization.  She is rescued by an army contingent from the nearby medieval civilization, only to learn she’s now an archmage.
UnFamiliar, Bucking Nonsense, Hiatus?, A young female mage contracts with an ancient, imprisoned lich to be her familiar.  Power up!
Hallowed, ByAnyOtherName, Ongoing, In a world divided between two factions of mages, a love child between leading members of the two factions is hidden away in a remote village. As enemies hunter her down, the question is whether she is a harbinger of the apocalypse, or the sun just felt like turning off.
The Menocht Loop, Caerulex, Ongoing, A young man becomes an archmage after being trapped in a time loop. Upon escaping and returning to his high-magitech civilization, he finds himself pursued by great powers that seek to use him.  Shenanigans.
Reboot Reality, Carebear90, Hiatus, When the gods decide to reboot reality, our plucky protagonist is picked up by one goddess as a new favorite pawn.  Time to see what he reincarnates as and fulfill his divine quests.
An Unbound Soul, cathfach, Ongoing, Male reincarnates as baby boy in the fantasy world post-A Lonely Dungeon. Aspiring mage seeks to find out what’s so weird about the world.  Dungeon running the world wants to talk to him.
Little Devil, DocteurNS, Hiatus, The daughter of a devil and an angel (who is super powerful) gets sent to the mortal realms.  Ends up befriending a very nice, but naïve, priestess, who freaks out that she is consorting with a devil, despite the assurances of her goddess that it’s okay.
Wreath of Lilies, Cauldron of Poison, DrunkMinstrel, Ongoing, An ancient, poison cultivating tyrant transmigrates into the body of a young noblewoman in another world. He sets out to take revenge.  Shenanigans ensue.
Epilogue, Etzoli, Complete, Four isekai’d heroes are returned to Earth just as they left and in their teen bodies.  This story deals with the aftermath, including maintaining their secret and coping with leaving the fantasy world. Oddly, Epilogue itself has an epilogue.
Everybody Loves Large Chests, Exterminatus, Complete, A mimic—that chest monster—escapes his dungeon and begins to power level, becoming a demon-summoning warlock that seeks all the tasty and shiny things. Comedic.
Ph. D. In Sorcery, FoxLi, Ongoing, A physicist is isekai’d.  There’s a little science involved, but it quickly devolves into a standard isekai romp. Still pretty fun.
Again from Scratch, Humas, Ongoing, Guy is reincarnated into a Roman empire analogue.  Spends a lot of time fussing with the System, which is very unique, and later goes to magic school.
Curse Gunner, IcedFairy, Complete, A curse-breaking witch living in magical New York gets on the case of a mysterious curse of a Germanic princess from the black forest.
Dante’s Immortality, Idlefiber, Abandoned, A mysterious teen orphan receives super-rare classes, etc. on awakening day. Ends up heading to magic academy, and then when it literally blows up, off to assassin training. Abandoned somewhere around what I’d call volume 2.
Legion, God of Monsters, Insane, Abandoned, For millenia, the four gods of Fantasy World A have favored humanity to the detriment of the other sentient races.  When new god Legion arrives, he quickly becomes the god of monsters, appointing an ancient, if amnesiac, vampire as his champion. Abandoned at end of Vol. 1. 
Endless cage, JavilyNA, Completed (ish), Cat girl gets stuck in a time loop in a dungeon for so long she loses all her memories.  Eventually gets out of the dungeon, but the god that put her there continues to time loop her through a series of trials in the world. Dropped by the author a few chapters shy of the end for personal reasons, but the author posted her rough notes for the last few chapters.
Sylver Seeker, KingKennit, Ongoing, After dying to defeat a great enemy, our necromancer protagonist wakes up possessing a young man in the far future. Which now has LitRPG screens. Shenanigans ensue.
Magic-Smithing, Kosnik4, Ongoing, The leading crafting story on Royal Road. Our protagonist is reincarnated as a baby in a LitRPG fantasy world.  And while she’ll fight if she has to, she’s much more interested in crafting and fussing with the system.
Villager Three, Kruos, Hiatus, A young human girl Rip Van Winkles herself when the System comes to Earth.
Villainous, Kruos, Hiatus, A soul takes possession of a young female slave, and quickly takes to powering up and taking revenge on those who wronged her. At the very beginning of an academy arc, but release rate is so slow it’s near hiatus.
The Runesmith, Kuropon, Ongoing, Earthling takes possession of a young nobleman’s body.  Has family problems, so runs off to become a runesmith.  Shenanigans ensue.
Candlelit Lives, luda305, Complete (volume 1), A young student hoping to be a [Mage] acquires a [Reincarnator] trait and dies under mysterious circumstances.  And so begin her many lives.  It’s an experimental storytelling format, where each life is one chapter, so it’s very brisk. Also, of course I like my own work.
Kingdom of the Lich, Lyeeedar, Hiatus, After a reclusive few centuries, a lich finally succeeds in resurrecting his dead wife, and they set out into the world.  The story itself has strong tones of Rip Van Winkle.
How to Kidnap your Princess, MDW, Hiatus, During an attempted assassination of a princess, a young mage bends the laws of magic itself to save her.  To his surprise, he wakes up in her body, and now their souls are entwined funny.  To avoid freaking everyone out, he decides the best course of action is to run away, with his comatose male body in tow. Shenanigans.
In Loki’s Honor, MDW, Ongoing, Loki decides to toy with the local gods in their standard fantasy world by inserting a soul which reincarnates with its memories and many powers intact. Of course, she’s heavily cursed, but that won’t stop her from her little crusade. Notable for relatively frequent serial reincarnation on the same world, a flexible LitRPG system which evolves over time, clever use of old skills, and addressing various psychological issues that reincarnating like this causes.
Salvos, MelasD, Ongoing, A demon’s journey from birth as a grub.  Strong, if childish, sense of identity.  Ends up summoned to a mortal world, and shenanigans ensue.
Mother of Learning, Nobody103, Complete, A young mage student finds himself stuck in a month-long time loop.  Maybe he’ll learn something.  Also, beware dark cults.  Widely considered the leading story on Royal Road.
The Lightning Witch, officialleehadan, Completed, An anthology of short stories about a power couple: a dark lightning witch and the blacksmith who was supposed to defeat her.  Apparently marriage counts? Very sweet, with comedic points.
Fantasy World Epsilon 30-10, Phillip Rayne, Complete, As various Earths join a multiversal government, a South African military ex-pat makes first contact with a new Earth (Epsilon 30-10), only to find that it’s a classic fantasy world with magic and elves. Subverted portal fantasy.
The Fallen World: A Dungeon’s Story, Playwars, Ongoing, A space engineer is isekai’d into a fantasy world as a powerful mage.  Her adventures are seemingly cut short when a cult turns her into a dungeon core, but she makes the best of it with her plucky vampire dungeon guide. Space engineers make the best dungeons.  Shenanigans ensue.
Empress of Blue Flower Mountain, Queenofthefuzzybugs, Complete, A mountain spirit becomes fascinated with humans, leading to her eventual exile.
Cinnamon Bun, RavensDagger, Ongoing, The most friendly person ever gets isekai’d and overcomes all obstacles with the power of friendship.  Both a fluff piece and kind of serious writing (?).  I avoided for a long time, but it really is quite good.
Abyssal Road Trip, redhand, Ongoing, Female soul reincarnates as a succubus in the infernum, which apparently is a LitRPG.  Driven to gain power to escape the pigeonhole she has been shoved into.  Great universe-building through mixed mythology.
Azarinth Healer, Rhaegar, Ongoing, Battle junkie healer.
Divine Bladesmith, RivertheRoyal, Hiatus, A reincarnated soul in the body of a female teen half-elf/half-demon is a superpowered blacksmith, mage, and swordswoman. After her blacksmith secret identity is outed, she returns to the elven country, and, to be super-generic, powerlevels and gets tossed halfway across the world.  Some of it is really rough, but the concepts are catchy.
Beneath the Dragoneye Moons, Selkie, Ongoing, Extremely strong world building. Female soul reincarnated into a world very unfriendly to humans with a System.
Runtime Error, SexRobomb, Abandoned, Our protagonist wakes up in the body of a magical gynoid and takes to magic like a fish to water.
The Age of Man, Shykarn, Abandoned, After winning a war against the gods, our hero is reincarnated as a village boy far away and seeks to live a peaceful life. Shenanigans. Barely out of the first arc before abandoned.
Devil Princess Reincarnation, Silveus, Hiatus, A demonic soul possesses the body of a female, teen noble, turns her terrible life around, and shenanigans ensue.
Unto the Breach, SJ Reaver, Hiatus, Our isekai’d protagonist died to the demon lord, but woke up in the past, with a second chance to make things right.  Abandoned after relatively few chapters. 
A Lord of Death, The Alloquist, Rewrite Ongoing, Relatively humorous work where a reclusive undead scholar goes on a journey to check on how the world is doing.  Work was completed, but author deleted in order to rewrite, which is in progress.
Isekai Mother, TheEpicLotfi, Hiatus, A new mother is isekai’d together with her newborn to a harsh fantasy world where the magic literally will cause insanity.  If that’s not enough of a breath of fresh air, she’s also an African Muslim.  Plus the author has quite the deft hand that is oh-so-rare on Royal Road.
Dark Skies, Tigersight, Ongoing, Super mysterious humaniform living magical weapon learns how to live like a normal human.  She has amazing abilities, and seeing her learn to be a child is endearing, but has severe psychological issues and lives in a crapworld.  Also, it’s a super-slow slice of life.  I mean, almost 3000 pages and maybe six months has passed in-story?
Eterna’s Source, unice5656, Ongoing, The female protagonist is a rare type of mage who cannot use magic, but generates a massive amount she can give to others.  Rescued from slavery, she finds a comfortable life with her rescuer and his guild. As she comes into her own, jealous powers seek her power.
The New Journey of an Old Soul, Vihrungrang, Complete, A reincarnated soul just wants to live a peaceful life, but shenanigans ensue and he brings out the full power he can bear. Warning: Strange relationship with her mother.
Lament of the Fallen, Vihyungrang, Complete, In a galaxy divided between angels, demons, dragons, and mage-scientists, the demons have been exterminated.  Out of the ashes, a young female chimera ends up on a neutral planet, where shenanigans ensue as she powers up.
Power Overwhelming, Vihyungrang, Ongoing, The most overpowered soul ever reincarnates for possibly its last time. Shenanigans ensue.
Demon’s Journey, Virlyce, Complete, Angels and other sentients live on the lush, mana-rich planet, while demons live on mana-poor, crapsack moon.  Our ruthless protagonist demon strikes a deal with a fallen archangel and gets teleported on a mission to the angel nation. But,  ultimately just uses his time to power level, traipising around with a female angel he meets. Frankly, it would probably fit within Andur’s multiverse.
The Many Lives of Cadence Lee, Vladerag, Hiatus, A young woman finds herself serially reincarnating, earning karma points for lives she can spend on perks.
Never Die Twice, Void Herald, Complete, A villainous necromancer sells health potions out his apothecary.  But is he really villainous if he has a feud with the god of death herself? At least the title makes him sound like James Bond.
Crashed Into Fantasy, xacual, Abandoned, A long time male player of a scifi VRMMO gets isekai’d into the body of his female character and crash lands onto a fantasy planet full of magic. She sets off to find the materials she needs to fix her ship, and shenanigans ensue.
Los, Xel, Ongoing, Imagine a LitRPG system so complex that anyone isekai’d into it would probably end up dead or enslaved, even with plot armor.  Except our isekai’d protagonist has her brother’s notes and a system eager to be helpful, so she quickly becomes overpowered. Plot?
Forgotten Conqueror, Za1d3, Hiatus, An ancient conqueror reincarnates in a working class male baby, and decides to live the good life.  Of course, evil is afoot, but the most powerful mage in history won’t let that shit slide.  Abandoned just after beginning book 3.
Shade Touched, Zat, Ongoing, A shockingly intelligent monster is born in the wilds and discovered by a magic researcher.  The little monster quickly learns magic and language, and begins working to integrate herself into society.