Re: Changing styles mid story...

It's normal for writers to evolve during their stories :) If it's gradual, nobody will mind. We might even enjoy it, a slight sense of novelty and progress

One of my favourite fictions ever, How to Avoid Death on a Daily Basis, was the author's first bigger project. So the style changed quite a bit over the coming months and years. In the beginning it was far more edgy, with 4th wall meta breaks, and the MC bitching and ranting and having monologues, and it changed from there on

Re: Changing styles mid story...

If it's a slow, natural evolution, it's nothing to worry about. If it's a dramatic change though, it's a VERY risky move. Your earlier chapters filter out everyone who doens't like your first style; your later chapters will filter out everyone who doesn't like your second style. It won't attract new readers because they left durong the earlier chapters. So you're only left with people who like both.

If it's slow and small, though, or similar but just noticeably better, you're fine.

Re: Changing styles mid story...


I Wrote: For better or for worse, I've noticed a recent shift in my writing style. Well, just the bare bones of style, really, but however I've written the story until now, currently I'm writing it in a slightly different manner. Is that good or is that bad? What's your opinion???

When in the learning process, style can shift. Happened to me quite a bit. However, as you learn the type of style you wish to write, it becomes more consistent. Another why I am doing a rewrite. It is somewhere in the middle of it being good and bad. Good, that your readers get better quality. Bad, since it may throw them off. In all reality, you might be going through another rewrite.