Re: Heyo Royal Road Humans And Non-Humans!

Heyo there! You can call me Crimson or Blob. I am not new to RR, but this is the first time I ever post on these forums. I posted my story on RR for the first time like 9 months ago, and so far, I've managed to find some awesome, loyal readers, which is why I am so grateful.

Now I've just decided to have a closer interaction with my fellow writers, so here I am.

It's nice meeting you all~

Re: Heyo Royal Road Humans And Non-Humans!


Cinn Wrote: Welcome. Looks like you've already got stuck in and found all the things we usually dish out advice about... I hope you continue to enjoy RR and your fiction finds even more readers.

Thank you, dear DrakanMelt

MaximumCat Wrote: Welcome!

I'm pretty new as well. Only been writing since late March, but the other writers I've met so far seem like decent folks :)

Thank you~ I started posting last year, but I believe I've been writing this story for like 2 years now? Haha, either way, let's keep up the good work C: