Re: Superhero fiction recommendations?


Can'tBeSeen Wrote: You might want to give these stories a shot.

Eyes of the Asura: A Superhero GameLit
Grandpa Sweet Fist 
Hacking Reality (A teenage Mad Scientist's story.)

Thanks for the recommendation!

And while Hacking Reality is semi-slice-of-life story about a girl slowly becoming a superhero, I have another story that counts too. 

The Huntsman's Quest is about a teenager who just got back from a big 'save the world' type quest, and is trying to stay away from heroics while also dealing with his issues resulting from that initial adventure. Unfortunately, no matter how hard he tries he can't just ignore people who need help.

Re: Superhero fiction recommendations?

I don't read any superhero fiction RR, but I read some off it.

C. B. Wright's Curveball is simply fantastic. Not grimderp or simplistic, not overpowered or plot-armored, it's precisely in the sweet spot. Billed as a 'prose comic', it just hits all the right notes for me.

Tieshaunn's Brennus started as Worm fanfic, IIRC, and it hits a lot of the same tones. That being said, the central feel of the story is a lot more... mmm, not quite sure how to put it. Anime-ish? There's a lot more emphasis on cute girls, the MC has a mysterious backstory, and the plot is all just a bit more convenient. It's not really a bad thing, but it's different. It updates slow. It's pretty good, but not as good as the beginning of Worm. (I didn't like Worm's latter chapters much, personally. Heresy, I know.)

Delphic is another slow-updating one. It's definitely more out-there with respect to the MC's superpower, though. It's worth a look.

Jeffery Channing Wells Tales of the Starbuck Avenger is... weird. I liked it, but I like his work in general - I had read some of his short fiction and Skin Horse - the webcomic he does the plotting for - before going in, so I dunno if/how I should recommend it, outside of 'he's a professional writer who's work I enjoy'. It is complete, if that attracts you. It's definitely not as web-fiction as many of these other recommendations, and has a rather different feel. It was started years before Worm, for what that's worth.