Re: how would you write the personality of demons and devils in your stories?

wow okay that is how it is with me too, for example a card devil likes fairplay and detests cheating but they can plan a thousand years ahead and so fair and square set plans in motions that altough one could stop them will most likely make whole kingdoms collapse

hellhounds on the other hand are more bestial, they wish to hunt thos hurting family and friends, rip their souls appart and hunt them in hell forever, sometimes warlocks are even able to summon them to get revenge on those that harmed their family, the payment is the victims soul

and well wrathdemons, they all know their masters plan and follow it, they are way less subtle than devils and just act like their sin, wrath

Re: how would you write the personality of demons and devils in your stories?

Personally, I write, or at least, am planning on writing my demons as two main types. 

There are 'bred' demons who haven't acclimated to their newfound demonhood and are more impulsive and intentionally malevolent and sadistic. They are more animalistic than intelligent and sometimes capable of becoming human again. These are more demons in mind than in body, but those who live long enough as a 'bred' demon become demons in body as well. Typically, this means they end up as deformed monsters with barely half a mind left.

There are also the 'born' demons who are usually cold and calculating and can live an incredibly long time. They are usually much more powerful than 'bred' demons and control them from the shadows. Some of these types end up sympathising more with humanity than their own kind.

Hope that helped!

Re: how would you write the personality of demons and devils in your stories?

I mean it's going to vary from setting to setting, but I have 'daemons' in my work, and what I like to do is make them alien and strange. They have motivations no one can quite figure out, strange powers and desires, and have to obey rules that they're obscure and secretive about. They are willing to cut deals with humans, but what I like is for you to never be quite *sure* why they're doing that. And if you figure out their motivations, you realize they're pretty manipulative and terrible.

Re: how would you write the personality of demons and devils in your stories?


wise Wrote: Wise dragon here

ya know In my world demons and devils are connected to particula feelings, emotions, aspects or elements of the universe, their personality is also partialy shaped by it.

but how would you write a demons character personnaly?

This gets into a complicated area. The world my lead comes from, it is a lawless one. Now, while those devils hold their own of importance, it is anyone’s game. It is known as a place of chaos, where the strong lives and the weak dies. The main loathes the field of battle, but they as well had to play into that scenario. Demons are considered weak, but very resilient, and built for battle. Driven on their selfish desires. The main is no different in that sense, but their drive is much different. Forcing them to rise far above their standing. They are imperfect beings, full of contradictions. I suppose you can say there is like a hierarchy, only few would actually reach a level where they are a threat to the gods. 

Some of them can transform into different beings. The main has three transformation state, and one that can create doppelgänger. However, they barely use it. There are also a few others that has a state of transformation as well. A lot of the battles in the story are True Devil battles. Meaning, usually one on one, no interferences. This gets slight alterations as the series goes on. A chaotic race I suppose you can call em, but also relatable. 

A slight alteration is in Book 1. Where the main is cut off from all assistance, in a world between the living and the dead. This becomes clear in the second book by the way. This one is a 3 on 1 battle. 

Re: how would you write the personality of demons and devils in your stories?

I have multiple different kinds for different stories, but my favorite to write is probably the bestial kind that may or may not be reasonable. A wrath demon is just made from wrath. It will never calm down. An old one might grow reasonable enough to hold a conversation rather than merely scream at people and try to rip out their eyeballs, but it will likely never stop being mad at everything unless it fundamentally change what it is, somehow. 

Another 'variety' from a different universe are the fragmented parts of a much larger entity, and so they have a really warped sense of individuality. They're all different individuals, but they also have a sense of a shared higher self, and will do whatever they think is best for that higher self. Stuff like self-preservation and ethics gets muddled very quickly, such as when they kill and eat each other, adopt literally crushing hierarcal systems for the greater good of the higher self, or extends this 'greater good' policy onto other races who don't want to be involved. 

I like all my demons to be a bit nightmarish and liminal, though how exactly depends on the setting. 

Re: how would you write the personality of demons and devils in your stories?

In my fiction demons are viewed in a human-made hierarchy. I have it somewhere but I can't seem to find it so I'll keep it less detailed. Most demons are kind of like really strong animals, hunt for food, sleep in packs, might be territorial it really depends. Then there's the highest tiers (Apex and Zenith Demons) where they may have the same knowledge, if not more, than people. Some are wise and kind, while others are vengeful and, for lack of thinking of a better word at the moment, bitchy. Though that doesn't mean all Apex and Zenith demons can be similar to people, some can be just as wild and deranged as the ones in the lower tiers but be much more disastrous for them to go to that tier.