Re: Anyone want this cover? I don't have a story to go with it but if it fits yours you can have it.

I've been playing a lot with Artbreeder lately, great fun, but now I have all these cover concepts that I don't have stories for. So, I figured, why not see if anyone else is desperate enough to take them off my hands? ;)

Please fill out the following form if you would like to adopt one of the covers.

Cover number:
Author name:
Book title:
Link to story:
Adjustments: (Optional. I can change minor things like eye or hair colour, or adding a certain colour tint to the image.)
Additional text: (Optional. Such as 'The Brilliance Saga, Book 1' etc)
Font style will be whatever I feel fits, unless you have a specific request.

I have only one rule: if you are done with a cover and decide you aren't going to use it any more, let me know so I can rehome it to someone else. :) Since it's made with artbreeder assets and my own work, they are 100% copyright free and can be used for any purpose. However, I recommend not using them for anything but RR as they are low resolution and don't look great above thumbnail view.

Cover 001

Cover 002

I'll update this post with new covers if/when I feel the inclination to make them.