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Well I'm glad you're still with us DRBuller! Mine's still new, but I'm posting every day until I run dry. By the time you get to me, I'm hoping that it'll be a bit longer lol but we shall see! See you soon (hopefully!)

The genre is Fantasy/isekai, attached is the synopsis.

A short and pain-filled life was all that Melissa was given, and it wasn't until falling asleep for the last time that she was finally given something more. Waking up in a healthy and young body, and faced with an unfamiliar culture and even more inexplicable sights, Melissa had to adapt to her life new as Kalie, the third Princess of the Shattered Isles of Cerith. It didn't take long for Kalie to realize that even though she finds herself in a strange world, she may just be one of the strangest parts of it.

As Kalie comes to terms with her bizarre new life, she finds herself set in the sights of the powerful new king of a far off land. Eventually finding herself taken away to be Caged within the Ravencourt.

Re: Giving out [Free] reviews



I am in need of content to read, but I also want to contribute in some way. Therefore, I will now start a career of writing reviews for small stories.

Do you want a review? Just reply to this thread with a link to your story and a general summary. Please give the genre as well.  I personally would prefer sci-fi, but I am honestly fine with anything that's offered.

I'll read 5 to 10 chapters before giving out a basic review. Maybe more if it catches my interest. Will likely make comments on each chapter read.

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