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Always love some comments. Take your time, and I hope you find new stuff you'll love :)

The Courting of Life and Death

Overall- a gothic romance with necromancy and fairies. The Duc of Piques returns home from University, falls in love with a childhood friend, and then takes up his duties as duc. But he also practices necrocræft, and is descended from the fée.

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OK, I'll try my luck too if you happen to get to my work.

The story is Historical-Fantasy-Romance, but don't worry, the romance is very slow-burn and there is more action and intrigues than smooching.

Here is the synopsis:

In a far-away land of snow and mystery, the fates of two bastards entangle.
He is a warrior and a ruler. She is a physician with a tormented past.

Now both of them will have to learn not only to live together but also to fight against any and all that threaten to ruin their happiness. Amongst chaos, schemes, and war, will they manage to fulfill the most difficult task - finding the way to each other's heart and soul?

The path won’t be easy. A dark cult and even darker magic are resurfacing after years of slumber. And while they wreak havoc in the lands of Norden, the Star-gazer’s voice echoes in the night heralding a dangerous future:

When the Beast falls, the Swallow shall triumph.

For the Sun to shine over Norden, the Swallow must be devoured.

The link to the story is in my signature ;).

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I don't know if it'll be your cup of coffee but Ascension: The Coming Storm (name may change to just "The Coming Storm" in the future) is book 1 of a series that I'm writing/have planned. It's a fantasy world, with a hard magic system, adventure, romance, and a few jokes thrown in. There are humans, humans with animal/monster-like qualities called variants, Monsters, and Demons. Feel free to check it out.

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Holy fuck is this Stg Bria 2?

Anyway, looking at the backlog, I don't think my story will be reached soon but fuck it, I'll shoot my shot.

Simple synopsis is that a wolf who is adept at beating the shit out of people doesn't want to beat the shit out of people anymore and is now getting the shit beat out of him due to his reluctance towards shit-beating.

There's also some psychological drama along the way too, if that tickles your urethrae.

I do warn that it's more of a slow burn and a heavy word count-per-chapter. It's a character-oriented story and boy do I have a LOT to say about them.

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DrBuller Wrote: VIEWPOINT-BLOOM has been reviewed. I read a bit further into it than intended and gave it an advanced review because of it. Some extra time used on it, but I felt it was worth it.

The next story to be reviewed is... Seeker of the lost

Thanks! Love your review. The stylistic choice was deliberate. At first, I did want to write most of the thing from the third person limited POV from my MC's perspective, but at that time, I felt I lacked the skills to do that justice, and it felt like, with her being blind, it would be too limiting...