Re: How many words you are recommend for one chapter?


ArgyleInsect Wrote: I strongly recommend ProWritingAid over Grammarly. It seems to catch basic issues better than Grammarly, and the premium tools like word explorer are excellent.

I will keep this in mind, grammarly screwed me over majorly once. Set me back a whole day...I am very time constraint when I do things. Since that event, I have taken up a number of other measures to catch mistakes.

Thorough line by line rewrites.
—> Ya know, when you have so much wrong with it, that it is better to not even look, to just rewrite the entire thing.

Line by line revisions.

Audio reader while I follow along.

These methods have worked wonderfully, but it takes up a lot of time to do it...

Re: How many words you are recommend for one chapter?


Tynian Wrote: The best way to progress is to keep writing, though. Just use grammarly, it is enough to make your prose decent.

Also, enable the suggestions on your story so that readers can easily propose corrections for you. They will and it will help you pinpoint your frequent mistakes. 

Reading and writing are very different, even proofreading yourself is very hard (you know what you meant and your brain automatically correct a lot of mistakes, making them har to spot.)

Thank you for your advise. So right now, I just have to continue what i do right?