Re: Images in Chapters


AuroranLights Wrote: Hey, all! I have some pictures used to show how my characters, but whenever I post the link in the image insert I don't see the picture. Any suggestions on what to do? 

That's the link to one of the pictures I was trying to use.

There are two ways to do it properly. Import from Imgur I think it was, or this way.

If you have a wattpad account, insert the picture there. Then copy and paste it over here.

For Imgur, I believe you have to adjust the link option for it to work. It has been a while, so I don’t quite remember. Copy the link address, then paste it in. On another note, R.R needs a much more user friendly option. 

Re: Images in Chapters

You can do as Edge Valmond suggested by using patreon as well, so long as you have the image set to public. RR has a list of trusted sites somewhere and you can freely import copies of images from those sites without needing the system or a moderator to check it first. I have done it to show character concept art.