Re: Are your books on Goodreads?

I have four novels with ISBNs, which put me automatically on the site. I did claim my author's page ages ago. After a bad experience in one of the groups, I got less enthusiastic. I abandoned it over the site refusing to help me with an issue involving one novel being added, without my consent, by a beta reader - it now shows the coverless and blurbless beta version as the default, forcing a potential reader to actually look for another version to see the real thing. I just tried to log in and discovered that my account has been deleted, although my books are still there.

While I'm sure it's lovely and useful for many, and I'm glad it works for them, it has some frustrating aspects.

ETA: In all fairness, they reinstated my account without hassle, and have added an edit feature that allowed me to fix the version issue that was so irritating in the past.

Re: Are your books on Goodreads?

I'm on there with my self-published book. I won't be adding my (eventual) RR stories on Goodreads though until they're complete and I'm getting ready to release the final version(s) on Amazon. I will, however, make a blog post on Goodreads about readers being able to beta-test the stories on RR as I write them with early access to chapter drafts if they support me on Patreon.

Re: Are your books on Goodreads?

For anyone who isn't aware, Goodreads is owned by Amazon and there's integration for automatically marking Kindle books as "currently reading" on Goodreads, though user reviews aren't shared between Amazon and GR.

I use it because for the books I sell, there's no reason not to. A huge number of readers use it, and it's another avenue for user reviews. I also have it set to repost any blog post I write on my author website.

As a reader, I always look at the Goodreads reviews over the Amazon reviews because they seem to have a better ratio of actual readers to street team members. Plus I enjoy keeping track of everything my friends and I are reading :-}

Re: Are your books on Goodreads?


Asviloka Wrote: It has removed web fiction from its database in the past, as it does not consider them 'real' books, including such things as Mother of Learning. I would be wary of making too much of a splash there, if it were me.

I think the way to get around that is to self publish on google, kindle etc etc.

I'd recommend people either finish a book or split it into larger arcs to self publish, might be a good model in the future too.