Re: How to stay motivated?

I have been writing my story for roughly a month (Which isn't a lot I know) and I somewhat enjoyed it. Afterwards, I took a break and started correcting mistakes. 
Since then I just can't seem to get into it anymore, I know the story I want to write and I know what to write but I just don't really feel like writing anything. Any advice on how to get back my motivation?

Re: How to stay motivated?

Reading a good book can help. You could also try reminding yourself of why you started writing, the particular idea/concept that excited you, and work towards that. 

But of course, motivation is fleeting. The only way I know to produce a completed book is daily dedication. Sit down every day and write. Whether your daily goal is a word goal or time spent writing, make sure to do it without fail. Eventually, writing becomes a habit and you don't need motivation as much anymore.

Hope that helps.

Re: How to stay motivated?

Motivation can come from many sources. Inspiration is sadly one that should only be the starting motivator. After that? It tends to come from discipline, habit, and a want to not disappoint your readers. For Discipline and habit? Going "I will write something for this every day and I will have it out on scheduled time" is really important. It can be hard to build up that habit of just doing it, but in the end it pays off. As for not disappointing your readers?

DrakanFascinating  anxiety? I don't know...

but you should also pace yourself and not burn yourself out on writing. Maybe if you find it hard to work on the one, if you have an idea for a quicker, shorter work it might help to get you going. Forcing yourself can be bad, but doing nothing is also bad. If you are stuck on a single scene and dislike it, jumping a bit ahead can give you some ideas on how to finish the prior problem area. I've done that several times.

I've also scrapped an entire section of my work on the grounds of "I wrote myself into a corner that I dislike." So really, while writer's block happens, sometimes it's not even that but a need for a change up.

Re: How to stay motivated?

Some people like to draw for a while -- characters or scenes from their story.

Others draw maps or do outlines, or write character personality profiles. 

Some people lay out a timeline of past and future events. 

People use whiteboards or make models, or cut and paste images they find on the internet that remind them of scenes in their story. 

You could write a funny scene you might use -- or maybe not! It's just for fun!

Write an interesting conversation between characters, or vividly describe a certain setting.

Start a whole new story!

Write something interesting about yourself personally, or maybe of someone you know.

Make a silly petend scene where your characters talk directly to you, or get interviewed by Oprah or Dr. Phil. 

Read someone else's story, and write something interesting about that. 

Have interesting conversations in The Forums.

Write a self help tutorial.

POST COMMENTS! Authors love getting comments on their stories. 

Good luck! And KEEP WRITING! ❤😸🐰❤

Re: How to stay motivated?

Oh boy. Writing motivations is a hard thing to talk about. On the one hand, you could lose motivation because you really don't care about the work anymore, or you're burned out.

I'll advise writing something else, for now, looking through a prompt list and writing a short dribble of your choosing. Then look back at your original work and decide again from there.

Re: How to stay motivated?

I agree with every single piece of advice here, and I totally understand the feeling. When I first started writing, which was less than a year ago, I struggled with motivation daily. That isn't to say that I've fixed it, but I'm doing a lot better now and that is almost entirely because I started talking to people about my story. These are people who probably will never read it and don't really care about that sort of thing, my roommates, coworkers, even my uncle, pretty much anyone who will listen. This lets me work through ideas that I already have so that when I finally get the strength of will to sit down and write, I can get something on the page. Usually it starts as a rough transcript of my side of a conversation, but that is ok! It is so much easier to edit that garbled mess into something than to just up and write a well composed, well, anything!
I hope you get your motivation back, looking at your writing, I would be excited to see more of it.

Re: How to stay motivated?


Yupno Wrote: I have been writing my story for roughly a month (Which isn't a lot I know) and I somewhat enjoyed it. Afterwards, I took a break and started correcting mistakes. 
Since then I just can't seem to get into it anymore, I know the story I want to write and I know what to write but I just don't really feel like writing anything. Any advice on how to get back my motivation?

Gotta try and have your mind set focused. Try and visualize how your best work can be, and keep at it. Even if you don’t feel like it, try and do something. Hell, I’ve rewritten my series 10+ times, and I am doing one final rewrite. While I feel drained, I just imagine finally being done with it. So, I try and do 1 - 2 parts a day. My series is pretty long part by part...

Re: How to stay motivated?

For me, it's a combination of little things.

Music appropriate to the mood I am in or that the story is up to. It can really help get me in the right state of mind for certain scenes I would otherwise feel uncomfortable writing about. As a person, I used to avoid any form of awkwardness like the plague because I would get involuntary physical ticks. Writing actually helped me get over both the feeling of awkwardness and the reactions.

Reading/listening to other stories/books. It's important to recharge and keep perspective.

Plotting and planning possible future events of my stories. Certain things I plan to keep, but others are just good ideas I can revisit later.

Exercise. The added activity and time to think, can get you through a slump. The happy chemicals pumped into your brain don't hurt either.

Taking short breaks to refocus and re-energize.

Talking with other people about what you are writing. I bounce ideas of one of my younger brother's a lot. He reads my work so it is good to get a perspective on the ideas and see how he reacts to them. I actually started writing Mana Soul just as something for my brother to read and to have a creative outlet. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out he had been sharing it with his friends.

Revisiting the reasons why writing is a priority. For me, to be blunt, it's write or go back on antidepressants. Since I hate the way antidepressants make me feel, writing regularly is important. Anyone who reads either of my stories on RR can probably attest to that through reading the content. Depression and working through it are common themes in my work. 

Wish fulfilment. Writing stories gives me a chance to see good things happen to good people, to see karmic balance in effect that would otherwise be impossible. It's a pretty big deal to me.

Catharsis. This plays a lot into managing my depression, but writing also gives me the freedom and safety to allow myself to feel things I would otherwise shy away from.

Lastly, but far from least. Wordplay. I looove puns and clever wordplay. Even though it may not seem like it, each chapter title for Ore Tyrant has up to half an hour of thought and effort that went into deciding it. Finding a combination of double meaning that expresses a theme of the chapter while making a play off words. NGL the challenge of coming up with a suitable play on words is a pretty big motivator for me to finish a chapter on time.

So that's the stuff that generally motivates me. I guess my advice would be to try new things and see if there are other things that can help wit your motivatinon. Who knows, maybe reading about 14c glassware might be the spark you need to keep the fire burning?

Re: How to stay motivated?

There are many more things you can do other than writing but that can help your story. 

Worldbuiling: fleshing out the world in which the story takes place, also a great way to spot plot points. 

Draw maps: readers like them and it helps you to solidify the wolrd you imagine. 

Draw characters portraits: I'm playing with artbreeder whenever i have time but no motivation for writing, here is a thread about it

Flesh out characters: I make sheets for every secondary character and flesh them out: who are their parents, friends, what they like/dislike, what they want/hope etc.. It helps me stay in touch with background characters and sometimes drop a line hinting at their lives behind the scene ^^

Build up a discord/site/reddit/twitter account. 

Read about writing techniques. 

Re: How to stay motivated?

For some people, editing while still writing the first draft will stall them. You might be one of these people; you might just need to get things written before editing. This depends on your story, of course; if you're writing one of those endless web serials, or want feedback while you're still writing, then finishing a first draft first isn't really feasible.

Revisiting whatever inspired your story in the first place might also help. Whatever made you think 'I have to tell THIS story', and started building the world, whether that was another story, or learning something cool about science, or a place, or whatever.

It's worth noting that no matter what you do, there will be times when you don't feel like writing, and you have to write. No writer wants to write all the time. If you have a serious, ongoing bout of demotivation, then you have a problem to address, but the occasional day, week or even month of slogging though going 'ugh, I wish I was playing computer games right now, it's so hard to get into this world and craft this dialogue' is completely normal and something you just have to get into the habit of writing through. If you don't learn to write through that then your brain will act like a spoiled teen and be demotivated all the time because it knows you'll give up and it can be lazy.

Re: How to stay motivated?

I’ve found I write better with background noise. YouTube has some great videos that are basically just noise. I have a favorite that is a fire and some light rain on a roof.

If I still can’t write I don’t force myself. I want to be excited about what I’m writing. So I think about what I want to write about. That could mean starting a new project, or continuing a different project than I was going to write on, or maybe just changing my storyline and putting my character in a situation I hadn’t planned on before that moment.

If that still doesn’t work I start reading what I have written. At some point I usually feel like continuing my story. If not then I’ve at least gotten some decent editing done.