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Currently reworking my blurb, but here's the original:

The humans call me Nemon Fargus.  They call me wizard, and [Elementalist] and [Enchanter].  They call me teacher.  They call me adventurer.  
But I don't care.  Not anymore.  For more than a hundred and fifty years I've served the Kingdom of Sena.  Through four Kings and a Queen.  Two wars and a rebellion.  I've founded and taught at a magic school.  I've fought against beast waves and dungeon breaks.

But now?  Now, the one close friend I had left has passed.  So, I'm done with their politics and their economics.  The short and busy lives of humans are more burden than benefit on the weary soul of this half-elf.  Now, I'm looking for a refuge, a place that can well and truly be my own.  Away from the growing cities and the bustling markets, away from the pointless wars, away from the eager students and the arrogant adventurers.  It's too much.  

I'm seeking the peaceful life of a wizard in his tower, studying magic to advance my spellcraft.  We'll see if that happens.

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Here is my book series. Been working it since 2018.

If you're looking for a long standing book series, space opera, well over 500k words, post Armageddon, fantasy and scifi, magic and science, then this book is for you.

Gideon McDonough is the last average human in existence. Stranded on a dead moon, forced to fight for his survival, he is cursed with haunting dreams when asleep and tortured by demonic entities when awake. He and his crew aboard the Decima seek a way home. Or at least a reprieve from the madness.

Sol awakens, stuck deep under the crust of earth, cursed to relive her day. Her systems are damaged and she is long lost. But not forgotten. A mining incident sets her free into a strange world, deep underground. As she is repaired, she begins to remember her mysterious past. She and her new friend discover more than they bargained for.

Amy is not your typical fallen angel. Small. Ugly. Simpering. What should have been an eternal prison sentence in The Lake of Fire turned into a new chance at freedom as new breeds of demons free Lucifer in a mixed act of arrogance and ignorance. Now she is free, ready to terrify the universe once again; or at the very least inconvenience this new reality with her presence. Because a fallen angel of the Liberal Arts can do a lot of damage. Maybe. Perhaps. Chaos and tea parties abound. All for the glory of Lucifer.

Illustrations by Michael Lynch, Stephen Rusk, and Steven Davidovics:

List of books in the series:

-After Megiddo


-Hell's Pursuit

Read it here:

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Genre: A dark fantasy xianxia

Description: Great demons and righteous heroes compete towards their path to heaven, either seeking to bring absolute order to the world or fighting to achieve personal freedom and power unrivaled, they may proceed with their heads held high since their path is honored by their forefathers.

But there are those that seek no blessings and walk on their own. Pathetic wretches that struggle on their knees, desperately trying to carve a new path. To their very own little black heaven.

Word count: 78 195


P.S: It's my first work of fiction so all criticism is welcome and appreciated.

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Spot of Mummery: Tales of the Bard Technologist
-Fic Page Here!-

In ancient times, Amon was an infamous, immortal Technologist - one of the legends of the late Allagan Empire. However, when calamity strikes his civilization, he's forced to place himself and the remaining Allagans into a time-locked sleep in order to survive. 

Fast forward many ages later when Amon and his people awaken once more. The world has drastically changed, and his kind is now deemed a threat. The heroic Alliance responded by sending a raid to eradicate the last Allagans, where Amon was ultimately defeated ...or so the world thought.

Through his ingenuity and aetheric technology, Amon manged to cheat death. Only, things didn't quite work out the way he planned.

Stripped of his magic and technological resources, Amon now takes on the guise of a bard as he struggles to build a new life in a time long after the fall of his empire. But, should the people of this modern time discover who Amon once was, he fears they would put an end to the bard technologist's tale. 

New to RR, but not a new story by a long shot! I've been writing Spot of Mummery since 2018, so there's quite a backlog of story to post! I'm doing a little editing and cleanup of the original as I go. I'm attempting to post a page a day until I catch up to where the story sits currently on my main website, but that will take a while.

I hope that you enjoy and look forward to hearing your thoughts! Thanks for checking out my post! 

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The fall of the multiverse has reshaped reality under the hands of the primordial guardian Sophia, creating the new world of Jord. Join Christian Ddraig, the prince of the re-emerging nation of Avalon that now finds itself in the middle of a war between its new neighbors that threatens to spill over into his kingdom as he works with his companions to stop the possible total war and the many dark forces emerging from the shadows.

Has around 81 Chapters and is an action high/epic fantasy for anyone who lives the genre.


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Hey everyone! I've been writing for over three months here in Royal Road and my story, Otaku Girl, is near to its completion. It's basically this story about a group of nerds who got trapped inside a virtual reality world where they could use the superpowers of their favorite fictional characters from movies, comics, anime, video games, TableTop RPGs, etc. It's basically geek culture fiction similar to Scott Pilgrim, Ready Player One, or Dark Lord Bert.

For over three months, I've only managed to like gain 7 followers because of how utterly weird it is. I don't know why I tried to make it weirder and weirder to the point that no one would get what I've written, but I don't know. Like seriously, it's a story where nerds who have the powers of Superman, the Jedi, Naruto, the Last Dragonborn, and many more, duke it out. There are characters there who are basically anthropomorphic memes that I added solely for shits and giggles. And if that wasn't weird enough, at some points I broke the fourth wall and inserted myself in there. LMAO.

This is probably the reason why it's got a few readership. But I don't know. I just felt like I wanted to write a story from my own heart. It's weird, yes, but it's my story, and it makes me happy every time I read it. The few who have read my story, did found it deep and interesting, so there's that.

I'm posting this in the hopes that maybe some of you would be interested in some meme-inspired pop culture fiction that is just brain-rupturing and over-the-top.

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Quote:Descent: Arty and Eli lived a quiet life. They did well in school and sports, were leaders in their clubs, and tend to hide their powers from strangers. They desired this quiet life, free from the politics that hovered around their family.

That was until they returned home one day to find it ablaze and men in black armour hunting them. Their names slandered in the streets, accused of crimes they never committed.

Cold. Afraid. Alone.

This is the story of a pair of twins, Arthur and Eliana Lane, as they make their Descent.


Chapter 1 Snippet:
Two figures darted through the dark streets, teeth chattering in the cold as they ran further towards the city edge, their breath ragged. They kept looking behind themselves, expecting someone, or something, to swoop right for them, even though they knew there was no one around. Ducking into the next alley, they collapsed to the floor, nearly coughing their lungs out trying to recover.
“Are they gone, Arty?” the girl asked, her eyes half-opened. The blood on her arm clashing with her pale skin as it dripped down to the cold hard floor.
“Feel for yourself,” the boy replied, just as tired as the girl. His blood-stained hands fell to his sides, his own blood mixing with those of others. “How long till we reach the train yard?”
“It’s just up ahead,” she grimaced as she raised her good hand to her arm. “Just a little further and we’ll be safe.”
“I hope so,” he winced, checking himself for any open wounds. His jacket was singed at the seams, providing little to protect himself from the biting cold. Red clashed with blue, as the now dried bloodstains stained his clothes. “Just as long as we don’t ever face-”
What you can expect:

"Magic." A thought out "Magic" system.




Pains of waiting,

And character deaths. 

If those interests you, do read Descent!

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Name: Parallel

Genre: Virtual Reality, Sci-Fi, Gaming, Action, Adventure, Romance

Chapters: 80+ (Ongoing)

Following the death of his popular online persona, seventeen-year-old Suzuki Mato decides it's time to retire from professional VR gaming. However, his plans are abruptly cut short when he's kidnapped from his high school and forced to be a guinea pig for Genaco Gaming, the world's largest esports and entertainment company.

Armed with nothing but his wit and a new online persona, he's thrown headfirst into the virtual reality of "Live No Evil," a VRMMORPG littered with overpowered bosses, secretive NPCs, and backstabbing gods. His mission? Find a way to conquer this new world and get back at the company that took over his life, all while avoiding 'Parallel' -- a condition that would make it impossible to separate his real and virtual personalities. Because in a world obsessed with VR gaming, Parallel means death, and Suzuki just doesn't have time for that...

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Hello, there.

My book is a collection of short stories written by me.
it will have different stories in each chapter with different genres and styles.
I would really appreciate it if you come and take a look and comment on what you like or hate about the story, inside the book.
Currently, it's only one chapter but it will have more in the future.

I will post mostly on Mondays. Friday as alternatives, if I can't finish a story on time or I want to post another chapter.

Anyways, thank you for having your time.


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Looking for something that's dark and gritty with a female protagonist? Check out Dishonor for you post-apocalyptic dystopian sci-fi fix. Highly character driven story that starts out in a prison, becomes an adventure story, and dabbles in romance. Full story is currently at 135,000 words (and is still in progress). This story gets weekly updates and is in the last arc of the story. Join me as the story nears the top of the castle's tallest tower and prepare's to jump off! 

 I am Dishonored. I am the lowest caste in a city of honor. I live in a prison with only the promise of death. I am a mouth to feed in an overpopulated city that no one can leave.

The City was built by the wealthy to withstand a nuclear blast, and it did; leaving its citizens trapped within its twisted sanctuary. A classist honor system developed that ensured the wealthy maintained their place within the walls, and the less fortunate were held prisoner. Liv was born as one of the most honored citizens of the city; one of the noble class. After her father was executed for treason, she was striped of her honor, and without honor, she was nothing. Facing life in prison with the criminal scum of an overpopulated city that could care less if the lowest caste died, Liv is determined to regain her honor and former status. With nothing left to lose, she is willing to do anything to avenge her father and regain her honor.


Looking for something a bit shorter? Ghoster is a collection of short stories set in a sci-fi world where everyone lives with augmented reality built into their bodies. Each chapter is a standalone story written in third person past tense. (Currently 2 stories in Ghoster with more planned but not written yet)

The virtual world is everything. With sensors, computer chip implants, contact lenses and an internet connection you can also live in the virtual world! Don't worry about how you don't look like a model. The virtual world can fix that. It can make it so that everyone sees you how you see yourself! With job leveling and virtual pets, everything is better in the virtual world! Come to an Insinc office today to get equipped to enter the virtual world.

Life Without Memory

With shorter chapters split into small volumes, "Life Without Memory" is more of a traditional web novel. The writing style itself is the experimental part of this work. With a first person present tense/second person style this story focuses in on the thoughts of the main character. In this story machine, mind, and something magical combine to make the MC an interesting read. This story is currently being posted on Royal Road, but I have a backlog of chapters with ~70,000 words already written for this story. (Sci-fan story)

I don't remember who I am. I forgot. I don't feel pain. I don't have feelings. This is what I must do to live. It is my way. That is, until I killed a guard with my mind to save my cellmate, Nathan.

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Welcome to a fully realized anime styled medieval fantasy world featuring adventurers, gods, and demons in a grounded and story/character focused series. A world where the gods of power bestow elemental abilities on those they find worthy. A world where humor, drama, and action clash in epic tales spanning the vast continent....Welcome to Devos

Welcome to Devos is broken up into parts, each part is more or less a complete story that expands the world, characters, and kingdoms of Devos. It plays out a lot like Game of Thrones where instead of a lead character you have an entire cast, each one getting plenty of time to develop over the course of the series.

It is a relatively grounded, character and story-driven adventure that focuses on people of interest and their relationships with each other, their nations, and the eight gods of power. While the story features a good blend of light and dark themes it can get really grim at times.

The continent of Devos is comprised of 5 territories, they include the three kingdoms of Verdun, Ashmir, and Vespa along with the territories of two demon lords to the north and south. The time period and setting are basically what you would find in a fantasy anime. There are eight gods of power which wield eight different elements and have the ability to "bless" individuals with certain abilities. Monsters roam the wilderness and the ruins/dungeons that are scattered throughout the landscape. Adventurers complete quests, hunt monsters, and explore the vast continent.

We've got heroes, demon lords, gods, spys, special operations assault teams, phantom eagles, kings & queens, cursed chickens, talking goblins, and a whole shit ton more already in with plenty more coming soon.

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Maybe I'm a little late to the party, but there's some good stuff here, so I'll add my own and hope it can compare!

By Word and Deed is my first and only fiction currently at about 200k words and 40 odd chapters, I'm pretty proud of the work that's gone into it.

It's light fantasy with some intrigue thrown in for good measure focusing one a few characters and their interactions with the world.

The link is in my signature (hopefully, I've had some people say it doesn't show up). Please give it a look if it sounds interesting at all! I haven't found a lot of traction so far, so I am very open to suggestions, criticism, etc.

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I'm a professional game designer, writing a sci-fi dystopian LitRPG about a dysfunctional team of players coming together to beat an impossible game.

It starts off funny and action-packed, but eventually evolves into something more (no spoilers!). I'm using a lot of the things I've learned as a designer to create something weird and hopefully very original. Please enjoy!

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    Fried Chicken Ingredients
  • 4 cups all-purpose flour, divided
  • 2 tablespoons garlic salt
  • 1 tablespoon paprika
  • 3 teaspoons pepper, divided
  • 2-1/2 teaspoons poultry seasoning
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1-1/2 cups water
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 2 broiler/fryer chickens (3-1/2 to 4 pounds each), cut up
  • Oil for deep-fat frying

    Oh and there's a link to my novel in my signature.

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Calamity Mandate is set in a fantastical world filled with ancient gods, secret organizations and horrific monsters. Book 2 was just completed (142 chapters) and it's still going strong with updates twice a week and bonus patreon content for supporters. Here are what some reviews have to say:

"It may be a cliche turn of phrase, but this work is truly a hidden gem on RR."

"The best I've read on this site. First, the writing style is fantastic in both senses of the word. There is an enormous amount of detail in everything, the people, clothing, objects, food, architecture, whatever; and yet it never becomes too dense or a slog to get through."

"Good world building + Good Action"

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In the world of Immortals, countless lives are used to pave the path of cultivation. Geniuses and trash alike are given the chance to obtain immortality. But, immortality is merely a goal. What's important is the journey to reaching immortality. A slave is given the chance to cultivate, what will his journey be like?
Yan Chen and his goat, Shanyang, work in an iron mine as slaves. One day, Yan Chen discovers four crystals that change his life. (NO CHEATS!)
[TLDR: A man and his goat friend kick cultivator ass.]

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So I've finished my first book and got some very nice reviews and suggestions from the good people here. Thank you! These have been very helpful.
Just started working on the second book. Same characters. Higher level. More bad luck.

Meanwhile, there's a short story, an interlude of sorts, about a stone giant who copes with the death of her only child by... well, let's not spoil the story, shall we?

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Hello peohello

I'm working on a series of short stories / story snippets, it started as an attempt to overcome a long writer's block and became my current main project.

As of today, it's 60k words long with a single follower ( thanks, mysterious personpeolove )


There's no posting schedule, but lately, there are (almost) daily updates. Chapters are usually as long as they get during a single day of writing, because it's kind of my limitation. In the beginning, there might be a few very short pieces, but later they should be on average 1k-2k characters long.

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