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emperor Wrote: rabble rabble rabble

Or there's a simpler explanation: people have different tastes when it comes to fiction and LitRPG isn't one of them.

Also, your alcohol analogy is horrible. There's a reason why I don't like harder alcohols or drink beer out of a can: they both taste horrible. I also don't care for the idea of being drunk (most of the time). Taste is going to take precedence over everything else.

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I Wrote:
Tinim Wrote: As someone who is actually trying to write a litrpg kinda thing, there are two things I can’t stand about the genre.
The first thing is when it’s just a VR/Game. No matter how hard you try, you will never convince me of the gravity of basically anything. Death? Betrayal? Just doesn’t mean anything. I think in these settings, the common ‘solution’ is that on death people either, lose their characters (hardcore mode) or their items (full loot). I’m a fan of neither.

I always think this is a stupid argument. Nothing that happens in any form of fiction has any gravity, because they aren't real. What matters is the perception of the characters in the story. Is it real for them? How real is it? Yeah, it might not feel so grave if you're writing from a player's perspective, but what about the NPC's perspective? For them, that world is as real as it can get. And for them, what happens in their VR life matters. Or even if it's a player, what if they empathize with the NPCs as if they're real people? For them, their death and betrayal might count for something even if their own death doesn't...

I think they're just trying to point out the difference between life-threatening situations in a VR world and the character's world when they log out. Unless the game seriously affects the character in ways other than "oh this bums me out," the situation really isn't that dire. If they spiral into a mental health crisis or somehow end up neglecting their RL because of a video game addiction...that could be a thing.

But a character getting too into a VR game is about as grave as fearing for a YouTuber's life while watching a harrowing Let's Play.

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Half Wrote:
emperor Wrote: as a hardcore Litrpg addict, let me once again scream in space why i specifically like Litrpg, so much that i read it more then anything else combined (including non fiction!)
think of alcohol. you don't drink beer because use it taste good, you drink it because you want to get drunk. must of the commenters here never really enjoyed "getting drunk", or are even immune to alchol.

Uh... regardless of whatever else you may have had to say here, the sheer stupidity of this one point I cannot let pass by unchallenged. I ONLY drink beer because of the fact I LOVE the taste. The alcohol is part of why it is so tasty, but I even like to drink non-alcoholic beer from time to time (Clausthaler - Dry Hopped Amber is my pick there). If you don't like the taste of beer then the likely problem is you've just never had any really good beer. If all you are doing is drinking Bud or Coors, then sure, that stuff is total crap. But there are many amazing beers out there (I personally am fond of Dogfish Head 90 minute IPA, Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout, and Gouden Carolus Tripel).

I also drink alcohol for taste only, and consider  its tendency to cause drunkenness to be a strike against it. The alcohol improves the taste of many drinks, but I absolutely don't want to get drunk.

For the points about immersion, if I want to feel immersed in an rpg world, I play an rpg. Prose has advantages and avoids certain limitations of rpgs; rpgs have advantages and avoid certain limitations of prose. But I find the crossover to inherit the limitations of both and the unique advantages of neither.

I think rpg worlds *can* make perfectly fine fantasy worlds, like anything can. As I said, I loved Mogworld. But I don't think 'immersion in an rpg world' is something they can do half as well as just playing a good rpg, at least not in my personal experience. (Perhaps some litrpgs out there have cracked that formula; I'm not very well read in the genre.)