Thank you. I'm kind of amazed that this is what happened.

I just sat down and started typing.

And all this has flowed out of me. Like some strange river.

To be honest, I have no notes (I had two, one was the names of the three Precursor races on a stikinote, the other was a single drawing on a single page of a battlefield), I have no idea what's next, it's all stream of consciousness writing.

I don't know where it came from either.

I'm curious as to what's next. It's moving in the 6 Part Story method. It's coming from somewhere, but I don't know where.

It's almost frightening.



Baron Wrote: Based on the date of the first comment on your story, you've been writing 4,798.5 words per day.

Somedays I might write as much as 12K.

Quote:  That's absolutely absurd.  Even if we assume that you wrote the first however-many chapters prior to posting them with the scale of this that doesn't change the end number much. 

The only chapter that had been pre-written was "P'Thok Eats an Ice Cream Cone", everything else was written in the submit box on Reddit. It's been insane.
Quote: You are a machine.  Are you okay?
I ask myself that sometimes.
Quote:  Do you have carpal tunnel now? 
No, but have destroyed 2 keyboards due to key failure.
Quote: Have you slept in the last year?
My wife makes sure I remember to sleep.

It's been weird as hell. Like yesterday, for chapter 501, I wrote like 3K words in almost no time. It was bizarre.