Re: Should I Tag my fiction as Comedy, even if it isn't always?

I have a writing style that is generally skewed towards comedy. My current fiction has lots of comedy in it, but it occasionally gets kind of scary, dark and serious.

My current tags are Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi (since you can only have four max). Would it be a good idea to swap one of these out to be comedy?

The thing is, the majority of the time, it is a comedy. I'd just be afraid I'd let readers down who were expecting a comedy, and then to have those expectations subverted in a potentially undesirable way.

Anyway, I'm still a bit new around here, so I appreciate any advice or best practices!

Re: Should I Tag my fiction as Comedy, even if it isn't always?

Tynian Wrote: How can one be both fantasy and sci fi?
Science Fiction Fantasy is a combination of the tropes and plotlines commonly used in both genres. On the science fiction side, fantastical elements within the story are presented as being plausible through the use of gadgets or the aid of super beings. These gadgets are presented through the use of a logical argument, despite the fact that they may violate the laws of physics, chemistry, reality, etc.

Science Fiction Fantasy dwells on the soft side of SciFi, allowing greater freedom to the author's imagination. In Hard SciFi, story lines are limited to things that physically are possible. Writing Science Fiction Fantasy allows events to occur that simply cannot ever happen, regardless of any so-called advanced sort of technology. 

I am writing a Science Fiction Fantasy story on Royal Road called DOTS, where a machine has been invented that can determine if a person is a Genius at some sort of skill, like cardiology or playing the piano. It probes the person's brain using a thousand electrodes. Geniuses are being discovered who can do many amazing things, but one type of Genius is being discovered who possess a certain skill that had never been known to exist -- They can alter Reality, allowing them to change the world in whatever way they see fit. They can do other things too, like speak to each other telepathically and plant dreams in people's minds.

Inventing a machine that probes a person's brain is scientifically plausible. Possessing the ability to alter Reality is not scientifically plausible. It is however, a common trope used in Fantasy.

Thus, my story DOTS is Science Fiction Fantasy. ❤😸❤