Re: Found my novel on an aggregator site?

As the title says, I have found my novel on an aggregator site,

I already contacted support about what to do, I didn't permit anyone to redistribute my story. I want to contact other writers, but I'm not sure what to do either. I'm just making this post so that you know that your story might be on here, whether you allowed it or not.

I am uncertain how to proceed forward, never really thought something like this would happen to my small novel. So any advice would be appreciated.

EDIT: First, I wanted to thank everyone for their advice here, it's been very helpful.

Yeah, I failed to notice it just links stuff. Like many of you pointed out, there is no real benefit to taking it down since it's just sharing links. Some free exposure, right? No matter how small, right? No need to get hot and bothered.

I'm still waiting for an answer from the support team, just to see what the official stance is. But yeah, I'm not going to do anything about it, it's just a bit weird really.

Thank you all for your help!

Re: Found my novel on an aggregator site?

They have this in their terms of use:
Quote:7. DMCA Compliance
If you believe that your copyrighted work has been copied in a way that constitutes copyright infringement and is accessible on this site, you may send us notice of alleged infringement that comply with the formalities of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Pursuant to the DMCA, we will terminate, in appropriate circumstances,users and account holders of our system and network who are repeat infringers.

However, we also recognize that not every takedown notice is valid or in good faith. In such cases, we strongly encourage users to file counter-notifications when they appropriately believe a DMCA takedown demand is invalid or improper. For more information on what to do if you think a DMCA notice has been improperly filed, you may wish to consult the Chilling Effects website.

Re: Found my novel on an aggregator site?

As far as I can tell from a 30-second check, this site doesn't actually store or host any of the actual text of the chapters but only links to the original website, such as Royal Road. In that case, it's not in violation of a copyright any more than a forum post linking and recommending your fiction, and perhaps more importantly, doesn't harm you in terms of getting views or having someone else illegally profit off your work.

Re: Found my novel on an aggregator site?


Thedude3445 Wrote: Aggregator sites do NOT host story content. You can probably send a DMCA if you want, but why would you? It's a source of potential traffic, and even if it's pretty inactive, I genuinely have gotten a few referrals from this site over the years. This and other aggregator sites exist to help readers find your work, not to steal it.
I second this.

It's just a site that hosts LINKS to stories, not stories themselves. I personally like the idea.

Re: Found my novel on an aggregator site?

Do nothing. I don't see the point in putting in the effort to having it removed.  This is not a host site. All chapter links go back to the host site they are pulling from.  If you were to remove your story, their links would die.

The only thing they are doing is giving you a chance for more traffic. I would be more upset if they were hosting chapters or not even showing authors names.

I have a site that has a link to my website. Someone listed my story there. Who, I don't know. Every-so-often, I do get a view or two from them. I can't remember what they are called. It isn't this one though because they don't link chapters. If they do, they'll post the latest updates. 

This is only here to cater to readers. Having a way where you can create a reading list and have everything there is appealing to some. They do post links to stories that aren't on RoyalRoad. They do have a few websites of those who post on wordpress. Well, the very popular ones. Mine isn't on there. They just have a lot of RoyalRoad. If I knew any popular titles on other platforms, I would check and see the range.