Re: Recommendation needed : Eldritich abomination / lovecraftian horror

So, i'm looking for fiction involving eldtrich horror/abomination, fic with lovercraftian horror. Any story where Eldritich being or Things man wasn't made to know play an important role are welcome.
Even better if the mc is/serve an eldritch abomination / has contact with one. My eternal gratitude if you manage to find one matching the 2 criteria above who isn't crack or where the mc isn't an absolute evil being who just want to see the world burn.

Re: Recommendation needed : Eldritich abomination / lovecraftian horror

Terramagica  has what I call a Lovecraftian undertow, with the eldritch beings based on the Maya mythology and legends. It's on hiatus at the moment, but there's 3 full novels posted. The first novel is probably more what you're looking for, and can be read by itself.


Terramagica | Royal Road In an alternate Victorian Age of the 19th century, the race of the Eldarions, once the rulers of mankind and the other races before their overthrow, are slowly dying out due to poisoning by Terramagica magical energies. In desperation, a group of cultists seek to fulfill the dark prophecy of the Destroyer King, who will bring down the old gods from the heavens and shatter the nations of mankind, enslaving all the races under Eldarion rule once more.

Re: Recommendation needed : Eldritich abomination / lovecraftian horror

At the risk of dropping mild spoilers, my novel, The Girl from the Mountain, involves Lovecraftian themes with what you might describe as an eldritch entity lurking in the background. With that said, the cosmic horror aspects of the novel don't come to the forefront until the last third, so if you're seeking strictly Lovecraftian abominations, this might not be what you're looking to read. 

Re: Recommendation needed : Eldritich abomination / lovecraftian horror

I think I would have exactly what you are looking for if my story was completed... 

currently, the first book is finished and the second ongoing. The main character himself will evolve into something that matches your requirements later in book 2 and there are several enemies that will match that tone.

Children of Nemeah (epic progression fantasy) | Royal Road

It is a progression fantasy and he starts out (relatively) human. There will be a focus on both, his physical and mental changes as he progresses to change into something that would make Lovecraft proud, but the real horror will start later in book 3 and book 4, when his psyche is able to accept the changes he needs to undergo to win.

ps.: if you want to know specific Infos about how the setting will turn out later, you can PM me.