Re: How I feel sometimes reading comments

I think the attitude towards the novels is a pretty big problem on both the readers and the writers side on RR. For a lot of the writers on RR this is only their first or second book. They may have a great story, but it will honestly be a miracle if their writing is good. Good story does not equate to good writing. There's too much to learn when writing a full length novel. I can't tell you how many professional authors have never released their first works or only released them after heavily editing and rewriting them. A lot of the readers on RR don't get that and just treat the authors like they're seasoned veterans. I've been disappointed too many times when an author drops a story or goes on indefinite hiatus because they can't take all of the negative comments. I can't say I blame the authors, people are assholes. Many authors do have too high of expectations for their first works though.
Writers, don't take your first works too seriously. Take it as it comes, learn, and enjoy the process.
Readers, if you're just going to spout BS and hateful crap, just stfu and don't say anything at all. If you want to say something point out the good things and why they're good. Then point out the bad things and why they're bad. It's honestly just as bad(maybe not for the writer's ego, but for the process) to just say, "this is good, everything is great." without specifically telling the authors why you feel things are working as it is to just say, "everything is crap."