Re: Re-releasing chapter rules


gej302 Wrote:
Sereminar Wrote: Hopefully someone will explain how to move chapters around

From your dashboard -> Content -> Chapters, then above the list of chapters there' s a Reorder button

Right. But I'll need to create a new chapter to split the current chapters up a bit. Can that be reordered too or will that require making new chapters that will effect the update page?

Re: Re-releasing chapter rules

You'll make the new chapters which will slot in at the end, then you'll need to manually move them immediately to the right location.  They will likely hit the update page, but I don't think they will make your followers see a new chapter, because there won't be a "chapter" after the last one after you move it.  I'm not certain on this, since I have 2k max chapter size, so I've never split anything up.

Re: Re-releasing chapter rules


Borchard Wrote: But what I mean is I run the risk of spamming the updates page with my newly added/changed chapters. Is that okay?

I've seen authors drop entire novels in a single day (not advised, it kills visibility). It's not considered spam, there's a limit of something like 4 new chapters visible under a single story on the Latest Updates page, so you wouldn't be cluttering up the dashboard either. It's nice of you to try and be considerate, you're in the clear here so go for it!