Re: Are You Looking for Unique Cover Art?!


Gryphon10 Wrote: I would like to know if you could do a cover for me.  I got a backup cover just in case so its not like its necessary but I would like someone with actual artistic talent, unlike myself, to do a cover for me if its not any trouble.  

Basically the idea for the cover I have in mind is a faraway POV of a tower that is narrow at the base, but expands outward to a bulbous figure like a lightbulb, then comes back in on itself to look just like the base.  The background and color of the tower can be anything you so desire since its not like the outside of the tower matters much.  There are also no doors or windows so it's practically one solid form. 

Again just asking if it is possible.  If it isn't free I'll try my best to pay you and I would just like an actual cover that isn't trash made by me.
I'll PM you.

Re: Are You Looking for Unique Cover Art?!

So I've got a story in desperate need of some cover art so I can upload it here. It's called I Got A Rock. Main character is off to magic school, and everyone has a familiar. He got a pet rock. It starts off as literally just a rock. That changes but I feel like especially with your use of less traditional mediums you might have some neat ideas for that. Let me know if there's any other information you need!