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I can't imagine not thinking in words, though I am more than capable of visualizing something. I actually have a writer friend who is a much more successful novelist than I am who cannot visualize a scene. Like, he reads and to him it's just words which he can kind of parse out on a technical level. It's not like watching an imaginary movie like I'm capable of when I read. As someone with the personality type INTJ, I'm very introverted and I tend to analyze any action I take from several different directions before committing to it. This might be something as simple as how I'm going to greet somebody for the first time to what path I'm taking to drive to another town I'm not going to for a few days, to how I'm going to structure the next chapter I'm about to write. The internal monologue is always on, and I'm about the opposite of spontaneous.

Re: How do you think?

I have a straight up narrator in my head, describing every action I do as I do it, especially when I'm not tired. It gets irritating sometimes. She's kind of a bitch. Won't stop criticising me, or others. Sometimes she's really out of pocket too.

I am notoriously bad at visualisation. My particular flavour of Asd+dyspraxia is fucked up KO combo. Its why I get lost walking down to the corner shop.

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because I have very few qualms and desires is usually more draw to concepts and ideas rather than concrete reality + a kak early life and eastern philosophy has made me pretty laidback in my style of thinking, I usually just absorb the moment, the subject the information and let it coalesces overtime into some for of unique insight or idea, its quite handy for in the moment problem solving too because I have a database of concepts, knowledge, and past impressions to draw from as i use synthesised information to interact with new problems.

what I wrote before actually answering the question

The average person does a combination of all of them, either at the same or selectively, like in a conversation(or art or playing) you've already entered a zone/the moment/fuege state and won't be consciously doing any of the above unless your either preoccupied, brought out of it(tough questions, accusations, shocking revelations) or you're plotting something. texts your more likely to actually think about things consciously rather than just relying on your subconscious drivers to do it in the moment but that flies to the wayside when your arguing, then the chemical imbalance from the stimuli will force you to rely on in the moment replies.

got side tracked but some people dont even have the ability to think in these ways, i knew a guy who didn't have an imagination, literally. my guyss for these phenomena is that the brain either git damaged or didn't develop the typical way, i say this because verbose thoughts are actually caused by the same part of the brain as speech and its really just talking without your brain sending the signals to the pars of your boys responsible or it.

Also, the gobbledygook language you mentioned is your subconscious, everybody's mind does that 24/7 its just that usually your either distracted or cociously thinking so you don't notice, if you meditate and practce mindfulness youl actually start to notice and silenece it and you become more i control.