Re: Rewriting an old Fiction

Everything people have said about my story makes me really happy and hopeful. 

"Prose is clear, and intricately woven. I love how action packed scenes where it urges me to read on. the suspense is killing me, your imageries color the atmosphere really well"

"This brings back memories of my childhood-- so f-ing nostalgic!"

"You really do have a wonderful way of writing action, I was enthralled once things got going. The descriptions were great, too. This is a really, really solid start, and I really do love the names you have given your characters so far."

"Very neat start to the story. You throw us right into meeting the characters and the situation they've found themselves in. You also have a great action sequence, and write the fight scene well! "

"Interesting start. I like the writing a lot. You've got a little mystery going about what is actually allowing them to go between worlds. The action is well written and will pull people in as well."

"You have the making of a bleaker Narnia here, it could seem all well and good, maybe a little more violent, but under the surface, its more of a psychological character study of a broken teen hiding his face under a mask of heroism that cracks to show his true nature"

"I’m pretty interested to see where things go for your characters and this strange new world they’ve found in the woods."

"Great story, though. I’ll be keeping it in my library to read later. I’m looking forward to seeing more about this world."