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Hello. I'm Zearth, a writer of five years. I've mainly written dribbles and tried my hand at writing a series (that went horribly. We do not talk about it.) 
Now, I've started writing on RoyalRoad, with the first addition being Cry Wolfe, one of the earliest writing I've done, and admittedly, one of my best.
You can find the story here:
Anyways, I'll be off now. Look forward to a new story soon.


Two figures darted through the dark streets, teeth chattering in the cold as they ran further towards the city edge, their breath ragged. They kept looking behind themselves, expecting someone, or something, to swoop right for them, even though they knew there was no one around. Ducking into the next alley, they collapsed to the floor, nearly coughing their lungs out trying to recover.

“Are they gone, Arty?” the girl asked, her eyes half-opened. The blood on her arm clashing with her pale skin as it dripped down to the cold hard floor.

“Feel for yourself,” the boy replied, just as tired as the girl. His blood-stained hands fell to his sides, his own blood mixing with those of others. “How long till we reach the train yard?”

“It’s just up ahead,” she grimaced as she raised her good hand to her arm. “Just a little further and we’ll be safe.”

“I hope so,”

Re: Zearth. Writer. At your service.


Cinn Wrote: Welcome. I recommend putting a link to your fiction in your forum signature, especially if you plan on being active in the forums. There's even an auto-generate button to include the cove image.

I hope you enjoy RR and your fiction finds an audience.

Fox-Trot-9 Wrote: Hello there! Welcome to the RR madhouse! Hope your story does well here! Good luck!
AlexaLee Wrote: Welcome to RR, Zearth! I hope you enjoy writing here!

Thank you. Although still trying to figure out the signature system, since it's giving me a null for image.

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gej302 Wrote: So, here's your customized introductory package
  1. Free Cover somewhat duplicating the feel/emotions of the original inspiration, but 100% free to use for
  2. One slightly scared, kinda worried about being wolf nibbles DrakanPotato  ℝ𝕖𝕡-𝕠𝕥𝕒𝕥𝕠™.
Happy Dribbling.  (or even Writing)

Imagine my surprise to seeing someone create a cover to Cry Wolfe.

Thank you so much! Do look forward to my series, coming soon (or as soon as they approve the submission on Royal Road...)
(Also, I probably shouldn't have check in while in bed, now I'm wide awake...)