Re: What Do You Listen To While Writing?

Depressive Suicidal Black Metal

It depends. For emotional scenes, I prefer to listen to some sad anime music (Parasyte, Berserk, Devilman Crybaby, etc.), orchestral music, classical music, videogame, TV shows and movie soundtracks (Sons Of Anarchy, Metal Gear Solid, Braveheart...) or post rock, ballads and power ballads.

If I'm writing an action scene I'll simply go with some good Heavy, Speed, Thrash, Doom, Death and Technical Death Metal. Sometimes epic orchestral music, or even Dark Synthwave. It really depends on my mood. (I do it only when writing. I get easily distracted if I listen to music while reading.)

Re: What Do You Listen To While Writing?

I dont have so much a soundtract, as a bi-polar youtube auto-play feature. It swings from skyrim, to nightcore (really, I'm thinking almost all songs were NCd at some point.), anime intros, some BTS and EXO, a little lofi, some of those 'epic battle music' hour-long rolls, some bard-style tavern music, Sabaton...

so maybe a little techno-metal-bard-pop? techno-bard-metal-pop?

Might get the HU, AoT opening, Hamilton soundtrack, EXO, or just about anything else. It's broken.

In essence, I am that friend who is not allowed to have the aux cable or access to the speaker. Also, my Spotify is just as bad- but with shanties.