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A fellow author recently recommended the music from Skyrim while writing. It's on Spotify so I gave it a shot. I've played a lot of the game, but I never paid that much attention to the soundtrack. This stuff is good! Think of some combination of the Conan the Barbarian soundtrack and Lord of the Rings. Very inspiring. Prior to giving this a try, I would usually just listen to white noise.

Music that doesn't work for me - any form of rock. Don't get me wrong, I like rock and heavy metal, but I find myself paying too much attention to it when I'm trying to write and it derails my train of thought. Plus, the albums seem to go by too fast and I feel like I've missed the songs I really enjoy. It just doesn't work for me.

How about you?

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I do listen to metal, but specifically folk metal which isn't in a language I speak, so the words don't distract me.  Wardruna is one where I can just go to the band's page and listen to an album or put them on shuffle.  The Hu also have a great album of non-English folk metal, though they did partially English versions of some of their songs (at least one was with Papa Roach).  If folk metal is the wrong mood, I could try a game soundtrack, such as one from Final Fantasy.  I've got some things that are flute and drum music with no lyrics, or rain sounds with a bit of music woven in, but I have to be careful not to fall asleep with those, lol.

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I have three playlists if you'd like to listen.

Emotional, for when you need a tense, fight scene:

Lo-fi, for relaxing scenes:

And HW music, which is just Lo-Fi, but on hour loops:

It may or may not make the cut for you as writing music, but if so, you can try searching reading music on YT, those work for writing too.

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Darrin Wrote: A fellow author recently recommended the music from Skyrim while writing.

Video game soundtracks are great company when writing. It's often instrumental (no words to interfere with your thinking) and intended to get your emotions going, keep you focused etc. Besides Skyrim, the soundtrack for Divinity 2: Original Sin is also great. I recommend Rivellon or Mead, Blood, and Gold in particular from that album.

sunandshadow Wrote: Wardruna is one where I can just go to the band's page and listen to an album or put them on shuffle

If you enjoy Wardruna, you might like Heilung too. Similar mood and ambience, though perhaps even more specialised (more of an acquired taste); check out Othan.
Skáld is another band similar to Wardruna, with good energy in their songs. One of my favourites from them is Ó Valhalla or Ódinn.
On the easier end of the spectrum, Týr does some good energy folk metal, singing in Faroese and Danish. Check out Sinklars Visa from them, if you're curious.

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It depends heavily on the scene, genre, and story I’m writing, but I generally go for some instrumental soundtracks before I begin. During my actual writing process, I sometimes listen and sometimes don’t haha. Here are a few things I love listening to:

All of them are soundtracks/OSTs unless stated otherwise! Here are just a few examples I have:

Tron (by Daft Punk)
Moon (Clint Mansell)
Blade Runner & Blade Runner 2049
Solaris (Cliff Martinez)
Beyond the Black Rainbow
Star Wars Soundtracks
The Social Network
Ex Machina 
No Man’s Sky (good stuff on YouTube)
(Also Arca has some cool albums, James Blake’s older stuff, Death Grips, Rival Consoles, Grimes, Deadmau5, Van Sandano, etc.)

Harry Potter Soundtracks
Alice in Wonderland (Danny Elfman)
Journey (game; anything Austin Wintory makes is a winner)
Skyrim Soundtracks
Horizon: Zero Dawn
Most things from Michael Giacchino
La Belle et la Bête (by Pierre Adinot—more fairy tale-like)
Entrance Loop Music to Islands of Adventure (the theme park lol; they can be found on YouTube; Disney/Universal’s theme parks have good loops for fantasy and such)

Mombasa (Inception Soundtrack)
Death Grips’s music lol
Stuff from Arca (a minute into Bullet Chained is a rush lol)
Hunger Games 
(most Big Boss Battles™ haha)

Suspiria (Thom Yorke)
The Mummy (Jerry Goldsmith)
The Dark Knight (and other) soundtracks

Among others--I'm always up to hear more if anyone has suggestions! :D

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Lately, I've been listening to a lot of Lily Chou-Chou, like usual. It's a huge inspiration for me and it makes me want to write deeper, closer to home characters.

Though, I recently started listening to Sheena Ringo again for story inspiration because a lot of her music has a very very unique and bold "flavor".

According to Spotify, I've also been listening to a lot of video game music, mostly Tekken and Genshin Impact. I spent most of the other day listening to the Sonic Mania OST while writing.

If it's not music, it's some nerd talking about a single topic for minutes on end. Been listening to videos about "lost media" and a bunch of Cybershell videos. My knowledge on these two very specific topics (spooky videos and Sonic the Hedgehog) is now legendary.

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JK-sama Wrote: Legend of the Galactic Heroes



Start off with this,
Finish off with this,

Can't forget this classic,

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