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I personally don't write sex scenes. The most I have is someone noticing breasts or a woman's figure or vise versa, etc. Normally I don't like to read sex scenes but if it is done right and has meaning and a point to it then sure. Go for it. But DEFINITELY NOT every chapter or even every 3 chapters. IMO no more than like 3-4 scenes per book. Otherwise, it gets annoying or gratuitous. Or both.

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My take on it, unless you are writing erotica/porn or some types of romance novels, is that most of the sex stuff should be left to the imagination. Infer it happened, or fade to black after a bit of the foreplay. James Bond waking up next to the Bond girl of the week, kind of thing. 

I refuse to read harem and reverse harem books.  They're too cringey,  absurd, and feel too much like author wish fulfillment. 

I tend to abandon books if the main character has sex with the love interest within 1-3 chapters of meeting her/him. Particularly if it's on Kindle Unlimited where I didn't have to fork out several bucks for the individual book, and switching to another one doesn't feel like wasting money.  Again it starts feeling more like author wish fulfillment than something that would have actually happened.  I've seen books on Kindle Unlimited where the main character meets and sleeps with a woman within the same chapter.  

The older I get, the more awkward and unnatural sex scenes start to feel.  I'm not prudish at all about the scenes, it's just that they all feel so fake, awkward, and unrealistic.  I'm to the point where I'd pretty much rather not even read them. 

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kieranpierce Wrote:
Enlornder Wrote: Sexual tension all the way, sexual content no thank you
But how do you take sexual tension all the way if there's no sexual content?  peoconfused

Ergo, the theorem for optimal sexual content has been proven. Quod Erat Demonstrandum

it depends what you classify as such content 

pushing against the wall and gently stroking the ear while breathing heavily might be considered sfw in most legal denominations