Re: 140,000 Words of Unpublished Fiction

I just realized yesterday just how much fiction I've written that's in final form but still hasn't been kicked out the door.

Among them: a 70,000 word space opera novel called Neurogenesis, the first half of Pearls of Atlantis which is the sequel to my first novel, Echoes of Olympus. Finally, there's my most recent episode of Star Trek: Horizon (fanfic).

Neurogenesis is held up because I haven't found the right cover. That may have just changed, but I'm waiting to hear back from the artist. Given the cost of art and the highly speculative nature of the indie fiction market, I go for quality on the cheap. I made the mistake of purchasing a $300 cover for my first novel, and then later replaced it with one I paid $65 for from Selfpubbookcovers because I felt it was just better.

Anyone else have a small mountain of words you've been sitting on?

Re: 140,000 Words of Unpublished Fiction

I would estimate a couple of million words in first draft, written across a couple of decades, in a number of different stories of varying length, waiting for me to get around to polishing them. High fantasy, contemporary fantasy, whatever idea takes my fancy. A bit of it is so old it's still in long-hand form on paper.

I no longer have any interest in selling any of it, just finding an audience to share it with. That doesn't mean I intend to release a word without extensive cleanup to get it into the best condition possible - I can take it seriously without seeing it as a job. Since I'm chronically broke, it's a good thing I can do my own editing and covers.

RR is making me consider which one to pull out and work on next once I get far enough ahead on my current projects. :-)

Re: 140,000 Words of Unpublished Fiction

I technically have 130,000 words written for a fantasy series I have been working on for like a decade. It's not really ready to be shown in it's entirety, but it exists. I won't show it yet because it was how I learned to write for myself so not yet uniform in style and because I haven't written ending yet because of self induced anxiety about the book being perfect.

Re: 140,000 Words of Unpublished Fiction

I probably have somewhere north of 200k words in unfinished manuscripts, ideas, and old drafts that are so different from my current WIP that they could easily be rebooted as standalone projects.

I never delete old content as I've been plagarizing from myself to write the new stuff and I never know when an idea from one project will help for another.

Those old drafts will never see the light of day as they are, though.