Re: LFS where the MC is a teacher


I am essentially looking for a twist on the popular trope of MC encountering a (powerful/wise) teacher that helps him along. I want to read this story from the other perspective, preferably with more than one student (but that is no requirement).

This itch was triggered by reading "the Dao of magic" and being rather annoyed that the MC in this story is not interested at all in teaching his students.
Other examples I can think of would be the Wizard arc of "Low Dimensional Game" or (while a parody) Arrogant young master template A.

Re: LFS where the MC is a teacher

Journey of a Scholar
Mc spends a significant amount of the story teaching his friends, and is then hired on as a professional tutor for a while. Grammar and spelling can be a bit rough at times, but it's still a fun read

One of the 4 pov characters spends a bit of the story teaching another. Probably not to the extent that you're looking for. But she very much plays the role of the powerful and wise teacher.