Re: How do you feel when an author sticks to releasing 1 chapter a week?

I release one chapter per week for each of my stories. I still have readers, so some people are obviously okay with it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I think people care the most about consistency. No one wants to worry about an author abandoning a story they like. But if you can stick to a consistent schedule (even if it's less often than what your readers might like) they should at least appreciate the consistency.

Re: How do you feel when an author sticks to releasing 1 chapter a week?

I mean, I would assume readers would actually like that. Why? Not many readers are the loyal followers who read every chapter that you post every single day. Sure, if you release daily you'll get readers like that who will read every chapter the moment it's posted, but on average the readers aren't that invested. Releasing once a day might actually discourage some, because they'll see how much content and be unable to catch up. Releasing once a week means that people will be excited for the next release, and long for the following as soon as they've read it due to that sense of scarcity. Of course, I'm not saying it's better to release once a week. I'm sure many readers prefer that it's released more often so they have more content. But that's only if they enjoy your story ALOT. 

How many stories have I read compared to the ones I consider to be masterpieces that I have read in a flash? Well, not many are masterpieces- but once in a while there are some. And for those, I'll read as much as is produced. But otherwise, I'm good with a little here and there. 

Re: How do you feel when an author sticks to releasing 1 chapter a week?

I know that writing is a creative process. No one can... work without inspiration. Thats true. Yeah i said as a reader i want more much more than this im sick of all the droped storys here. Great storys... stolen by someone or the writer had too much bad feedback and get stressed of it. Im Sad. Soo sad. If someone need a week it is ok. Its great. 

In common. Everything here is for free. No one has to pay for something so no one has to expect a liberary quality or something. 

People misunderstand for free means not they have a expect to become quality or the next book like Game of Thrones. 

Sometimes people feel like in their comments you have to pay them to read the writers story but i drifted away from the point i made. 

Yeah. It would be awesome if a chapter comes every day and it would be more awesome if it is a long chapter and not a short one but i have no right to have that. I am reading for free from people they write for fun and hobby! It isnt my dicision. I only could hope and be happy if it comes. 

Have nice days buddies . . . Stay safe and heathly.

Sorry for my english. Greetings from germany 

Re: How do you feel when an author sticks to releasing 1 chapter a week?

I typically post twice a week. Mainly because that's the pace that feels comfortable for me. And I've kept up that consistency for over a year and a half so far, despite rarely having time to write regularly. But I've found out that keeping a stockpile of chapters is invaluable.

If I ever have an off week where I'm swamped with work, then my pile gets shaved a bit. For some weeks, I feel super productive and churn out several extra. Overall, I look back and set it as such to keep the average pile steady. There's always at least a month of updates on hand, so I don't have to worry.

Re: How do you feel when an author sticks to releasing 1 chapter a week?

I think people are happier with consistency over quality as long as the latter isn't literal trash. like they would rather get something that's a 6/10 or 7/10 every week instead of something that's like 9/10 or 10/10 but comes out maybe 5 times a year if you're lucky and with no real logic behind the release dates.

I would also say underestimate how much you can write because if you find you can do more later people won't mind but if people like/get used to the routine you set and you cut back people will complain and well if you can ignore complainers though that's not a concern.

Re: How do you feel when an author sticks to releasing 1 chapter a week?

I'd say it's fine in general, though there are some caveats. If for example you're an author that uses/abuses cliffhangers, readers can get quite annoyed with a 'slow' release rate in my experience. A 'slow' release rate might also not be conducive for novels with a more complicated overarching plot. The more time there is between chapters, the more people tend to forget.

Beyond that, there is also what you want to get out of it. Because readers tend to only start reading novels when there is a certain amount of content. So if you start with one release per week, it might be quite some time until you get readers. That might become demotivating for some.

Re: How do you feel when an author sticks to releasing 1 chapter a week?

Releasing 1/week regularly, with no (unscheduled) interruptions, is likely to be far better received than releasing randomly, even if the random releases are faster on average. Readers like  consistent schedule because they know when to expect a new release, and it makes you look reliable so they're not as worried about you dropping off the face of the earth.

(Yes, I know I release inconsistently 3-6 times per week so it sounds like I don't take my own advice. That's because my story is already completely out on its own website and I'm trying to catch the RR version up. On my own website, where most of my readers are, the sequel comes out 1/week every Saturday with no missed weeks, and it'll be the same here once the RR version has caught up.)