Re: Spam I Received Here

"From: Amber Ross
Recipient: Darrin Drader

Dear,I have read one of your books titled STAR TREK HORIZON and I am very honored to offer you to try publishing your novels with us, exclusive or nonexclusive. The following are the welfares of our company. If you have more questions, please mail me at (omitted to avoid spreading their vanity press to other authors).

OK, where to start. Maybe the fact that they didn't even bother putting my name into their message? Or, what about the fact that they're offering me a publishing deal for fanfic?!? Or maybe it's the very poorly worded message.

Hard pass, obviously.

Re: Spam I Received Here


Didn't know that kind of thing happened here too. I thought Royal Road was juuuust obscure enough to be on the fringe and avoid weird scams like that. Thankfully, the community here seems smarter than to try to deal with anything like that, so it shouldn't be too harmful.

I remember getting a message like that from Tencent's WebNovel a few months into my "career" on Wattpad. I just reported them for the spam and they got banned pretty quickly, faster than I could even react to, honestly. It was apparently a pretty big issue, and probably still is, but with the forums gone, it's way, way easier for people to get scammed.

My story wouldn't do well on a Chinese platform anyway. It's firmly rooted in its Japanese setting. That, and I value my rights as an author, and I don't want any national governments profiting off of my work.

Re: Spam I Received Here

It's intentional. Most scams are poorly worded to weed out the more intelligent people. 

Scams are quantity over quality type things - it's much easier to scam an idiot then it is to scam someone cautious. Time is still a premium to everyone in the world, including scammers, so they need to find ways to minimize the amount of failed scams. They're ok with missing a few marks if it means the marks they catch are almost guaranteed to be scammable. 

Cults, MLM's, .5 star reviews - they all exist because on a big enough scale, there's a lot of people out there that aren't all there.