Re: Is it good idea to test first chapters for feedback?

I really need feedback but I'm still total noob in royalroad.

Is it normal to post chapter 1 and 2 with a placeholder title without cover just to get some feedback?

or should I do it somewhere else and only post finished product in here?

Is it normal to edit after pressing the submit button, or is it a length process and is not recommended.

or is it better to just resubmit after getting confidence about my first initial chapters?

thank you for answering.

Re: Is it good idea to test first chapters for feedback?

Using RR just as a test site likely won't yield anything for you; I believe the majority of readers find new stories off of Trending, Latest Updates, or from favorites lists, and the majority prefer to wait for a story to have a substantial amount of content before they read. Unless you get vocal in the writing assistance forum, you probably won't get any interaction by just posting the handful of chapters, especially if you don't have a cover. But by no means does your story have to be finished to start posting; I think that generally it's good to have a backlog of chapters ready to submit so you can post consistently and frequently (think something along the lines of 1-3 chapters per 1-2 days) to maximize the time your story shows up on New Releases and Latest Updates. The algorithm for getting on Trending is beyond my understanding, but I know it's related to reader interaction, length of the story, and story age. 

If you decide to post and want to drum up critiques, I would suggest asking around the Reviewing; Tips & Discussion or Writing Tips forums. Also, Lone's Guide to Building Traction is phenomenal. 

As a reader only, I can't speak for how often authors go back and edit chapters, or how often they end up scrapping and restarting a story entirely. 

Re: Is it good idea to test first chapters for feedback?

I have to agree with everyone above, I don't think that posting it here for feedback would work well for a new writer. You're new at writing, having people giving you feedback might change it into something that others want and take you away from the story you want to create. As Sunandhsadow said, it'll be better to get a beta reader, you could ask a friend for help, check on your grammar and if the logic isn't broken in the story, this way the story will become what you want it to become.

Re: Is it good idea to test first chapters for feedback?

I agree with everyone else. Don't post something you're not happy with, but it doesn't have to be perfect. I see no issue with editing something you've posted as you get feedback or decide something needs to change. Using the Review section of the Forums to get comment swaps is one way to get feedback as is trying to get someone to do a beta read of your work. I understand your concern about the first few chapters since that's where many readers decide if the story is worth pursuing. Good luck.

Re: Is it good idea to test first chapters for feedback?

I'm posting without beta readers and honestly I'm missing it.
When you proofread yourself you miss so many mistakes just because you know what you mean in your sentences and your brain automatically fixes thoses mistakes before you notice them.
Plus you are sometimes surprised as to what people focus on. They sometimes focus on the tiniest detail and miss on all the hints you are leaving left and right. 

Having a beta reader to bounce ideas on is one of the things I'll ask Santa for. ^^