My contemporary horror serial now has a new chapter every weekday. I have about a month's worth of story written, and I'll be working on my backlog as I go. The first few chapters are pretty straightforward, but expect some non-linear storytelling and experimental chapters as you go down the rabbit hole.

Hope you enjoy, and I'd really appreciate your feedback in forum posts, comments and reviews. XD


Quote:What do you do when a revivification spell goes wrong?

Don't do it in the first place.

After two semesters at Miskatonic University, eighteen-year-old Sally Horne tells her sisters, Brigit and Rosemary, about her latest mistake.
She made an unhallowed bargain to bring her boyfriend, Kurt, back from the dead. Now she's bound to the devil for eternity, and Kurt's reanimated corpse is running around campus with a hunger for human flesh.

Unlock this surreal mystery box and spiral into madness.

You don't need a key.