Re: Is this normal for chapter views?


Vnator Wrote: I think some of my readers might be impatient and want to skip to the juicy plot instead of world building or character development

Maybe, but then, I wouldn't be sure how that would be possible. I mean, ok I suppose your chapter titles do slightly give a hint as to what it could be about, therefore giving readers an idea of what they might want to skip to, but then I don't think that can be quite the reason why it's occurring. Do you know what I'm saying? Like, I'm looking at your list of chapters and I still don't know enough about the chapter to outright skip/dismiss reading it. I'd have to read it first. And you don't tease what's coming in the next chapter, so people aren't going to think "Oh, I'll miss that one."
It's definitely a weird one though.  

Re: Is this normal for chapter views?

The biggest variation I've seen is the interval between posting, especially when two chapters are posted at the same time. People reload the last chapter multiple times for a lot of reasons:

1. To remind themselves of what happened last, before they get started on the new chapter.
2. To make sure they actually finished the last chapter, before starting on the new one.
3. To see if a new chapter has been posted (i.e., just leaving the most recent chapter open rather than bookmarking or following the story).
4. Rebooting their web browser after opening a chapter, but before they've gotten around to reading it.

The longer a chapter remains as the most recent chapter, the more its views will be artificially inflated due to these effects. If you post two chapters at once, the first will never be the most recent chapter, so it'll never be affected by #1, #2, or #3 (it'll be affected by #4, but I think that one happens less than the others).

Re: Is this normal for chapter views?

I haven't read your fictions, but I think it's to be expected that worldbuilding chapters will get fewer reads than plot-heavy chapters. Many people are reluctant to read worldbuilding-heavy chapters because they're not invested in the story enough to spend that much time reading about the setting, and they prefer action and character information to exposition. People might also re-read or refresh extremely plot-heavy chapters more often because they need to digest what's going on before they continue. As long as you aren't seeing an overall decline in reads or getting negative feedback that indicates the quality is slipping, I wouldn't worry too much about it—some level of variation seems normal to me.