Re: Best way to update readers on progress of sequels?

So about a year ago, I published my first novel on the site. It had a handful of followers, and one of them let me know they were eagerly awaiting the next installment. Unfortunately, between covid and my hectic final year, my writing schedule got trashed and I didn't make any meaningful progress...

I wish to update the readers and to let them know the series wasn't abandoned, but I am not sure what is the best way to do so. Publishing a new chapter that is really just a footnote seems cheap, but at the same time an author's note on the last chapter, or a comment, might go unnoticed.

Any suggestions would be welcome!

Re: Best way to update readers on progress of sequels?

Go ahead and write an update and post it as a chapter. That is the best way to inform your readers. I do it all the time. For when I have to skip an update, when I'm going to update next between stories, and when I write a new novel and provide a link to it. RR doesn't have a follow the author system that allow for notifications other than if you are posting a new story and that if your readers choose to follow you. 

If you have social media, and you shared it with your readers, that is another way.

Only a few members on this site visits the forums, so I wouldn't rely on it.