Re: What's your fave scenario to write?


I've recently written a new chapter to my ongoing fiction and in it I wrote a scene where two characters were insulting each other. I realized that scene was the most fun and entertaining scene I've ever written. It was fun to come up with what would turn the other character's wheels and to find burning insults that would sore their egos. I definitely plan to write more bickering in the future. What is your favorite scene/scenario to write/create and plan out? And why?
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Re: Whatäfave scenes to write?

Backstories and scenes featuring heavy descriptions. If you want to change the pace, do a whole chapter on the villain. Write it as the villain reminiscing about their childhood and hope the execution is well done enough that it overrides the cliche. Even though characters explaining their motives makes me think of the Futurama scene with the Robot Devil. "You can't just have your characters announce how they feel. That makes me feel angry." Haha, I love that show.

Re: Whatäfave scenes to write?

I love writing emotional scenes with 2 characters just talking to each other- sharing their pain or learning something they didn't know. Being there for each other or struggling to admit something... 

I just really enjoy the contrast between the physically strong superhero characters and the emotional moments that remind us they're just as human as everyone else. 

Re: Whatäfave scenes to write?

I like writing introductions to characters and big sceneries the most. They're where I feel the most like I am actually transporting the visions in my head to someone else through the textual medium.

That and whenever things get absurdly dark and/or depressing because if there's any emotion I'm qualified to handle it´s despair and anger. 

Oh, and gory scenes.   PeoloveU

Re: Whatäfave scenes to write?

Slice of life moments. In the context of a fantasy world filled with danger and violence.

I like it because it is a chance to slow things down and explore more mundane but important aspects of relationships and worldbuilding.
Specifically, in the context of my story, it gives me the chance to have the MC unwind and consider his situation. The good parts and the bad.
The slice of life moments are also when I get to relax a little myself and inject some humorous situations that you otherwise wouldn't see.

A couple of my readers have explicitly told me how they love the antics of one of the supporting protagonists and the relationship they have with the MC. Without the Slice of life segments, those wouldn't really exist. By extension, the MC's actions also wouldn't make much sense either.