Re: The 4 Sigils: Winter's Malice (Volume 1) is now complete.

Although my "Volume 1" has been completed for quite a long time now, the satisfaction of heavy proofreading and formatting it into a much more desirable output feels so satisfying.

Especially when typing in my Afterword, it made me feel accomplished as heck. I've done it; I've done a huge part of breathing life into my work and I look forward on how else I can nurture my work even more.

The next step I have to take is proofreading volume 2 to make sure it fits the Light Novel format/feel, which will take me proooobably a few days or weeks since my university requirements are piling up, but hey, my passion will not be undone!

I'll give myself a pat on the back and even a chocolate muffin to celebrate the good work I've done! Here's to The 4 Sigils LN series, and hopefully a game adaptation for it that I'm working on as well!