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DrBuller Wrote: We have had a longer thread about that actually.

You can read it here if you want to.

Im sure there have been several threads like this one and that one, nothing wrong with a new thread starting.

music with singing in it makes it hard for me to read sometimes, can't really say what I would do while writing since I don't have a story yet.

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【SorAZ】 暁の車 歌ってみた AZKi & ときのそら【SEED】

Carry on · 遠藤正明

(Asu he no Houkou) - (JAM Project) // covered by COCOA CHANNEL

Muv-Luv Unlimited OP FULL

MuvLuv Unlimited Ending: Harukanaru Furusato no Uta

Xi Ξ/Main Theme (Orchestral Cover/Recreation)

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kyfirow Wrote: Do you all hear music while you write?

Supposedly, Stephenie Meyer listened to songs like (and also identical to) the actual Twilight movies soundtrack. That's probably why it fits so well.

I am too lazy to adapt my audio for writing / different scenes I'm busy with, so I just stick with "Soma FM" web radio, channel "Drone Zone".

An exception was the extremely long chapter 4 of "Strawberry Tits", which I can't upload here, where the protagonist listens to music herself while she makes her way. The music is adapted to the scenes and vice versa. No matter how often I re-read that chapter, with the music it always gives me an extreme rush.

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90% or more of my story has been written to dark, melodic EDM, trap, or on rare occasions metalcore. Usually stuff like Rezz, Apashe, DNMO, Droeloe. There is a certain mood that I get into from something that's really pleasing to my ears but has a darker undertone, and it works its way into the rhythm of what I write. Some of this music is admittedly just trash if you don't have the associations from live music---I absolutely hated trap like Yellow Claw until I started going to raves, now I will absolutely blast it. It's all about getting yourself into a mindset.