Re: Review Swap Request

I've got a tiny bit of free time with the Writathon coming to a close soon and the start of a buffer queued. As such, I'm hoping to get some reviews on my new supernatural fantasy fiction. It's a shifter versus death mages story, though I do tend to go off on psychological and magical theory tangents from time to time. The story is LGBTQ+ friendly (which can be a pro or con for some people), but not particularly romance heavy.

In exchange, I'm happy to review a few stories in turn. I enjoy fantasy (litrpg or not) and some sci-fi, apocalyptic, or romance stories. I'm probably not the reviewer you want if your story is particularly grimdark or has a typical harem (though I would be interested in seeing well done polyamory).

Anyway, reply or PM if you are interested and I'll review your story in exchange for you reviewing mine.