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DOTS - SciFi Adventure with a Hint of Romance

While good people of the world go about their days in sunshine and full light, those who worship evil slink and slither. They are as thieves in the night, rats and vermin hiding. They tear open Mother Earth and burn her black inside, filling her with wrath and envy, heaving forth sick venom.

Allied against such dark forces are the Fearless One named Aika, her name meaning Love Song, and the Obedient One named Rio, whose deeds of strength and servitude earn her praise from all Nine Worthies. Together, the Fearless and the Obedient, they serve God's Favored Son, Meek Hank. He offers righteousness as our salvation while cast in the armor of a dove, wielding a sword called Kindness.

The Fearless and the Obedient swear their fealty to the Meek. To Him, they show their deference, and they honor Him.

They believe in Hank.

The TV anchorman spoke again, as the feed cut from the subway security camera back to him. "We've enhanced the image of the woman who was attacked as she faces the camera. There is no audio, but we're getting the video of it set up for you to see… If you'll give us a moment…"

Hank delved into Rio's mind as she clung to him and cried. Talk to me. Please.

It's the end of all good days.

She used real words next to speak, keeping her face buried in his shirt. "It is as I've told you. People have succumbed. Evil is now here. The bad guys win."

Soon Aika's face appeared on the television, full upon the screen and clearer than before. Two words escaped her smiling lips as she mouthed them silently, over and over again, for the news broadcast ran the image on a continuous loop.

"It seems obvious she's saying something to the camera," the anchorman said as the loop played on. "We're not sure what it is."

Hank and Rio knew, all too well. 

Hi Hank. Hi Hank. Hi Hank. Hi Hank.

The Fearless gave up her body to expose the soul, unfettered. The Obedient clung to the Meek, her heart serving no other. The face of Earth had fallen away, and sin spewed forth from darkness, but with faith and hope and charity, nothing had been lost.

Blessed be the Meek! Through Him there is the Kingdom. Through Him the good still live, and they shall never die. With the glory of archangels, Heaven has descended, cleaving Man in two. Those who blaspheme, those who sow hate, those who lie and steal, they shall rot in fields now fallow, feeding unclean soil. The sun shall not shed light for them, the moon will soon grow dark, the stars fall one by one…

But the meek, the obedient, the fearless?

We shall reign with God.

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Life is is taking the hand that you are dealt and playing it out the best way you know how. Even if that hand includes catching the eyes of the Princes of Joka (The ruling kingdom of all magic born) while out with the girls.

As the daughter of humanities greatest hero Natalia is no stranger to the dangers of the magic world. Her family is known for going after everything they want and destroying anything that threatens their happiness. But how will she hold up against everything that comes with dating magic born royalty? Especially when she has caught the eye of both the crowned princes during the time of their inheritance of the kingdom. 

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Due to personal circumstances, I stopped posting chapters for a few months, but now I'm back :D

My story is a little unusual in that it's based on tabletop games (the old Dungeon board game in particular) and my experience running such games both for my friends and kids in schools and community centers (my real life job), so it's kinda silly, but hopefully in a good way. Don't you fret though, despite being inspired in part by games with kids, the story is anything but!

Anyway, have fun and feel free to leave review and criticism of any sort. I'm always looking to improve in this new hobby of mine. Thanks!

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Against Even Gods

Genre: Action/Adventure, Urban Fantasy

Summery: A former member of the Order of Indara, Taurise Aniren, encounters a teenage girl with the power of electricity. He takes her under his wing, teaching her how to harness her amazing yet unusual power. However, the gods and their cursed minions linger around every corner, looking to seize back their control over the world! 

I'm currently still writing the first major arc, and I update weekly!