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Re: May Thread - Promote your Story

For Authors: Post your story promotion as a reply to this thread.
You can get creative, or you can just post the description, image(if available), and your word count. But most importantly your Royal Road fiction link.

Note: This is somewhat of a first-come, first-served basis, as the earlier you reply, the more likely your description will be read first. This is why this thread for self-promotions is monthly based(to not overflow it). At the start of next month, we will have a new thread, and you can promote your story there again.

For Readers: Did you want more lists to find stories from? well... here is another one, give the stories a shot!

You can also use this subforum for fiction promotion

Cheers~ peolove

Re: May Thread - Promote your Story

My fantasy novel: The Forgotten Universe. Please go ahead and read it, and then send me your feedback. I will try to improve it as much as possible. Your comments and feedback will be appreciated. I want to improve, and this cannot be done without the help of you readers. I know that my writing skills are not the very best, as I am a new author, but will really appreciate it if you read it. Hope you read and enjoy. And remember to read the prologue, which is after 3 chapters. 

Re: May Thread - Promote your Story

I would like to promote my LitRPG hybrid, named The Stained Tower, for those looking for something unique, yet familiar.

This is a story told through the eyes of a forgotten archaic woman as she struggles to learn and understand the mysterious world she finds herself in as well as her own unique monster-esque existence. Everything is made more challenging by her own physical limitations, ignorance, and post-traumatic stress.

How will she manage to eke out a place in such a world before it inevitably crumbles around her?

Tags: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Female Lead, LitRPG, Low Fantasy, Magic, Non-Human lead, Reincarnation, Supernatural, & Urban Fantasy

Re: May Thread - Promote your Story

Seeker of the lost

Fantasy with dark themes, a lot of secrets and a little bit of romance on the side.

Seeker of the lost is a story about Lianne and Amra, childhood friends that had to leave their peaceful life behind and start traveling up north, to find a town hidden in haze. Lianne lost a part of herself, the empty space within her now occupied by something dark. The friends have to find the town and redeem what Lianne is missing before she is entirely lost to the Shadows.

The story is still in its early stages, but if it feels like something you would enjoy reading, give it a go <3

Re: May Thread - Promote your Story


Red awakens with no memory of his past inside a dangerous mine. Previously resigned to his fate, he discovers the power necessary to escape these caves and finally grasp his destiny with his own two hands.

Accompany Red as he grows from a mere slave into a man who will forever change the world around him. Gods, devils, and much worse things await to face him as he struggles to reach the pinnacle of this world.

What to expect from this story:

- Intelligent, determined, and independent MC.

- Detailed worldbuilding involving western and eastern influences.

- Broad but deep, strategy-oriented power system.

- Cultivation mechanics.

- A steadfast focus on the MC's quest; a story enriched by mystery and memorable side characters.

Hey, this is my new story I just started posting yesterday on here. This is my first time writing anything in a story format after many years of reading all kinds of webnovels, so I hope you can hop along as I finally try my hand at it.

I update the novel daily with a new chapter, each one around 2k words on average, so come back every new day and catch the story right at its roots!

Re: May Thread - Promote your Story

Artificial Mind
Sci-fi with AI. We have secret facilities, highly-evolved technology, tests of the mind, and
a surprisingly long plot that includes more than a few characters. 

The prequel trilogy has already been written, equalling about 2390ish pages in length or a little above 650k words.
Check it out if that interests you.

Re: May Thread - Promote your Story

Oh hi there. So if you aren't already aware, Heroes of The Collective (formerly The Enhanced Beings Collective) is a character driven superhero web-series following the lives of The Enhanced Beings Collective- heroes who protect the United States against threats to their interests locally, nationally and globally. And galactically...

Featuring an ensemble cast, we explore the trials and tribulations of the 9 team members as they fight against bad, against each other and occasionally against their own inner demons. 

The start of the series introduced us to Kimona Jones, and it was through her and her new alliances' experiences where we learned about enhanced beings and the world they belong to. There are now 27 episodes out and 9 weeks left to go of season one, and a Woodland Warriors spin off announced for after the finale. 

New episodes out Friday evenings BST. 

Re: May Thread - Promote your Story

I have two fictions to propose for readers of varying tastes. The first is an alternate history, “muskets and magic” fantasy modeled after traditional literature while incorporating contemporary tropes such as a protagonist who must live a second life, while the second is a dialogue driven, soft sci-fi slice-of-life. Rather than flail about for the right words myself, I'll provide a few extracts from the kind reviews of fellow RR authors MichaelSilverV and Jahnes:

Selena's Reign: The Golden Gryphon | Royal Road
When you start reading Selena's Reign: The Golden Gryphon, it quickly feels like you’ve been permitted to look through a window into a real world. At first, you need to catch your bearings – the story starts at the end, in a sense; a possible ending in any case. The reign of a powerful but controversial Emperor is at an end, the nation at the mercy of its rivals, the heir to the throne on his deathbed. But then, a reincarnation, and the story starts afresh – the archetypal hero rises from a humble upbringing with a twist – the neophyte has already lived a life, albeit a short one, and must use what he knows of the history of his own Kingdom to make a difference and change how that history progresses.
It’s refreshing to see something that is set up for the long run that actually promises to pay off at every stage of the story. Looking forward to learning more as I continue to read Selena's Reign: The Golden Gryphon.

Amie, Android | Royal Road

"Amie, Android" is, in its purest form, a story about humanity. The meaning and definition of humanity, and what makes someone human, or a person, for that matter, are central topics in this fiction. Set in a distant, but very familiar 23rd century America, the Android Amie's dialogues and interactions with the technophobic Ely Brennan form the bulk of the story so far. Heavy with symbolism and dialogue, this fiction is certainly not your usual RR fare. There are no hot-blooded vows to be found here, no contrived vengeance stories or even whirlwind romances. What remains is, in its own way, a coming of age story of the unusual kind. It is a story about discovery and changes, of personhood, religion and humanity. It is not for everyone, that is certain. But everyone and anyone that would like something more thought-provoking for a change is more than certain to find their fill here.

Re: May Thread - Promote your Story

Hi there! It's Liquid!

I present to you, a mystery, action, horror, adventure set in the City Of Doecroft!

A city filled with dark secrets and gruesome entities, we follow the lives of four protagonists as they try to lead their lives in the urban jungle.

Cults hiding in plain sight.

Mysterious creatures lurk in the shadows.

The city and the people within it.

How will they survive in their Life in Doecroft?

(I update weekly! if school doesn't act like a bitch, at least.)
(Be sure to tune in! Follow my Novel and give a rating!)

Re: May Thread - Promote your Story

Hands Held in the Snow is the story of two queer kids in love.

Aspiring priest Beatrice dreams of saving the world. Delinquent debutante Emi dreads her looming engagement to a distant noblewoman. A chance meeting in a library ignites a flame of love in their hearts. But, as the pair explore the wintery city of Balarand and each other, they must contend with their relationship’s uncertain future. Only by walking together hand-in-hand can they face these obstacles for the sake of their futures.

Full story complete! Featuring full in-story illustrations by Mikayla Buan

Read it here!

Plus, the story has a brand-new continent map for readers both new and old to view. Take a look!

Re: May Thread - Promote your Story

I'm writing a story about a girl at magic school who gets a dragon! But, she doesn't really want to be a dragon mage, and there was a violent takeover, and chaos threatens, so she's kinda angsty and depressed about the whole thing at the moment until she learns to adapt.

It updates every ten days, since I'm in this for the long haul. I anticipate the saga being somewhere in the 1-3m range and taking most of the decade to complete. Come see an epic fantasy in its infancy. :)

Re: May Thread - Promote your Story

Check out my story, a Fantasy Mystery Adventure tale - Ilhen's Seventh Deathtrap. Blurb below:

A trail of clues... a political conspiracy...

Enzo and Leonardo are renowned adventurers who specialize in Rare & Esoteric Artifact Recovery. With their guild on the brink of bankruptcy, they embark on a quest to locate Ilhen's Seventh — a legendary deathtrap brimming with occult treasures.

But complications abound. Rival adventurers are also on the hunt, and Enzo suspects they're being followed by the Empress' shadowy spy ring, the Black Cabal.

And worse, Ilhen's Seventh is not what it seems. As they race to solve a trail of cryptic clues, they are drawn unknowingly into a sinister conspiracy...

For fans of THE DA VINCI CODE and DUNGEONS & DRAGONS — or fans of attunement spires, bewitched libraries, floating academies, mad dukes, forged art, clever disguises, enchanted swords, eldritch sea monsters, vengeful gods, & much more!

Re: May Thread - Promote your Story

Hi! If you're looking for a Royal Road story that's highly polished, more reminiscent of a traditionally-published novel, check out Nomads of the Sea. It's a complete novel with a discrete beginning, middle, and end. It's 185,000 words of multi-POV, epic fantasy that's comparable in style to something like Joe Abercrombie "First Law" trilogy. The story follows three characters on two different continents and two vastly different cultures. There's warfare, romance, and everything in between. Three chapters are released every week.

Re: May Thread - Promote your Story

You know the drill, you asleep, you woke up, and suddenly you were not where you were.

For the young Euca, those were the exact, unimaginable things that happened to him. Also somehow he's a wizard now?


What could you expect from this story:

-Realistic Protagonist

-Expansive Worldbuilding that I promise at least 85% of them aren't wall of text dumped to your face :)

-Science! Lots of science (adapted for magical world)

-Multiple side characters that had life of their own, you sometimes forget the protagonist even exists at all.

Re: May Thread - Promote your Story

Finally finished: Book one of Children of Nemeah! (re-written for the Writathon)

Children of Nemeah Book 1 | Royal Road

Something evil lurks in Nemeah. Changelings possess ordinary citizens and turn them into horrific monsters with terrible capabilities. 

The only group able to deal with this threat is the mysterious Red Brigade. Empowered by the goddess Akali, they gain the strength needed to kill these unfortunate souls. Until a normal guardsman by the name of Siegfried cuts down one of the changelings.


Re: May Thread - Promote your Story

Thank you, @Wing !!

Hi all, I humbly invite you to come, read my story. It is an original BL fantasy fiction based on Indian mythology, specifically Hindu mythology.

Short summary:

God King Arya defeats Agni Asura Yaman. Two hundred years later, Asura Yaman reincarnates as golden prince, Suryadev, of RakhtaPrastha. Once he comes of age, a darkness begins to lurk in his dreams. The flashbacks from his past life erode his mind, his fate "unforeseen by the gods." As he seeks to heal, his path entwines with Vidyut, his long time rival.  Hardened by the cruelties of life, Vidyut embraces the dark art of Tantra, for which he is both rejected and coveted by the people of the five kingdoms.

Meanwhile, the kingdom of RakhtaPrastha is facing political turmoil and rival kingdoms, while the animosity between God King Arya and Yaman/Surya's supporter, Goddess Dimuka, is spilling into the human world.

Princes, Spells, Gods, Spirits, Heaven, Mythical creatures, Wars, and Reincarnation, and so much more. It is based on Indian mythology, specifically Hindu mythology. But it is an original fantasy and focus is character arcs. It is 57 chapters so far and I post about 3-4 chapters every week.

***It will have LGBT, specifically BL/Gay content. Romance is slow burn.***


If it sounds interesting to you, please check. Thank you!!


Illustrations are by Ben Arisson (The art uses images from Pinterest)

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