Re: Hi all - Professional Game Designer writing a LitRPG

Hi everyone!

Newbie here. I've been following the LitRPG scene for a while; I have mad respect for y'all. I'd love to contribute to this community and write a LitRPG as well!

I've been making games for over fifteen years. My goal is to apply that GameDev knowledge and make a LitRPG that is super unique, insightful... and really really weird.

This is my first time ever writing in this format, so I would super appreciate any advice and critique you have. Happy to do review/critique trades (I want to read everything on this site!), and likewise, I'm happy to be a resource for anyone here looking to learn more about GameDev stuff.

My novel The Blue Path: Step 1 is in my signature. I'm positing a new chapter every Thursday.

Thanks again and I'm excited to chat more with y'all soon!

Re: Hi all - Professional Game Designer writing a LitRPG


Your customized introductory package includes:
  1. has a new feature to auto-generate a signature for your fictions, it's based on Xian's detailed signature creation guide ( just in case you want to do something more advanced in it by hand.  Handled
  2. Once you get a fiction going, there are several thread offering help with a free cover for any fictions that have been complaining that they don't like their current cover, or you feel like you'd like a second cover opinion  Jack0fheart is closing in on 100 covers  in use  Or I may be able help you out if you want a different style  If you want custom hand drawn work there are a couple of artists doing that as well: and  Handled
  3. One not-very-gamey, but into couches DrakanPotato  ℝ𝕖𝕡-𝕠𝕥𝕒𝕥𝕠™.
Happy Writing!