Re: I have written what I guess to be the longest prologue on this site

After 8 months of work, I have finally finished the prologue of my story.

Coming in at 658.526 words or 2395 pages, this is the longest work of fiction that I have ever created. It was supposed to be a quick project so that I could get back into fantasy, but... it seems that sci-fi is there to stay. Originally, I planned that it would be about 700ish pages. Boy was that smart of me. Only off by... 1800ish pages?

In my estimations(of which one should not trust in any way), I have now written one third/fourth of the full story. God, I hope to be done with quickly. Then I can begin on the side stories. 

If people want to read it, just click on my profile, click fictions, and then click on the one that is long.