Hello Everyone!

I've been on Royal Road a while and recently decided to post my first story here. It's been a year in the planning. Yes, a whole year in the planning and had an amazing response from the readers.

I'm in the 2021 April Writathon, but just missed the word count for the mid way announcements and missed my chance to share it with you all there. I am still planning to complete the challenge by the 5th of May.

I can promise magic, action, kingdom building, litRPG and so much more, including a believable plot (Rare as they might be).

Anyhow, I'm close to reaching #1000 and need your help to get there!

(Alternatively, I would much appreciate if you would read to chapter 13 and tell me what you thought, or if you make it to chapter 50 I will release a poll that will allow readers to have a say in the story). (Don't be like that guy who gave me a really low score and didn't leave a reason).

Please support me on my first story "New Earth". I look forward to seeing you all there.