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Reviewers and commenters seem to like the character description "He gave the distinct impression of someone who, when he was old enough to grow a proper beard, would immediately shape it into a goatee."

But my favourite part isn't on Royal Road yet, and is only published in the complete version of the book on its own website:

“Nothing I have ever done is remotely on the scale of how dangerous this nonsense was! What were you so afraid to tell us for? What could we have done with this information that’s remotely comparable to this?”
“You could’ve gotten all offended and stormed off to yell at the nearest authority figure, threatening to tell their little spell-stealing scheme to the whole world and forcing them to find a surefire way to silence you,” Max said acidly. “Which is exactly what you would’ve done, isn’t it?”
Well. Yeah.
“How did you react to the information, then?” Kylie asked.
Max blushed. “I, um. I got all offended on your behalf and stormed off to yell at the nearest authority figure, threatening to tell their little spell-stealing scheme to the whole world.”

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Patrick Wrote:
Akata Wrote:
Quote:"How many kids do you have," Savannah asked.

"Depends. Do you mean biologically, legally, or just the ones I like?"

Bless this scene, lol.
 Lol indeed, I absolutely want to get to know this character now.

He is an angry vampire that has been alive too long, with too many children, and once he dies and finally arrives in hell he is like
oh no i miss my children, im so bored with no one to complain about all day

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It needs an edit (getting there am still fixing several paragraphs above this.) but I think it's funny so far.

He turned up to look at them, a face weathered by sun and age and plain outfit of a simple shirt and jerkins. "Yes?" When he wiped the crumbs off his lips a short tuft of whiskers on his chin moved as he spoke.

"Are you Baiker?" Hope so, this one seemed alright.

His eyes narrowed. "Oh, so they sent more did they?" He tossed the roll and it bounced off her forehead.

The crazy man jumped up, spun, and kicked Parcival in the face!
Parcival held his face, staggered, and fell on his side.

"Are you out of your mind!" Focused on him she grabbed a roll and chucked it at his head. Bop! Bulls-Eye!

Han started a purring-snort, his tail twitched with jerk-like movements.
"Don't just stand there laughing!" She grabbed another roll and tossed it at him, he jumped out of the way.

"Ha," said Han.

Baiker grabbed a long loaf of bread.


He jumped forward and back again wacking the top of everyone's heads.

The corners of his eyes crinkled as he danced around in a circle. "You never collect this fee!"

The dancing stopped and his face became serious again.

Vanished. She blinked. He.. vanished?

"Wait! Come back!" She eased into the stool and stared where Baiker had been. What just happened?"

Parcival sniffed and beat a cloud of dust from his clothing. "I don't remember him being quite so... spirited."

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Most of my favorites haven't been written or published yet, just planned. Here's one that actually exists.

Quote:“I’ve been to many places around the world, and I’ve met even more people. Magic is nothing more than their thoughts and wishes given form. It’s always there, even when we can’t see it. If there’s one thing I’ve learned after all this time, it’s that where there is magic...there’s always hope too.”

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My story is one where the main characters are evil overlords... and let me just say.... it's very fun to write evil characters. 


"What am I, a lawyer? I may be pure evil, but I'm not THAT evil."


Grabbing the man by his hair, the demonic woman lifted him up so that he was hanging from her grasp.

Pressing his face to the jail cell, she smiled as the woman who was on the brink of fainting sat up, looking forward with teary eyes.

"D-darling? Darling!? Are.... are you alive!??! Are you alive!?!??!?!"

The woman crawled forward on her knees, however the man then disappeared.

"That was your demo. If you would like to see more, you need to purchase the full version."


"Ohh? Looks like the good guys are losing! Where's the hero to come and save the day, I wonder? Aren't they supposed to come BEFORE everyone dies?"


[Do you fools dare to bring your fight onto our lawn?]

These words, spoken by an angelic voice, pierced the hearts of the people.

A shivering sensation of terror and awe rippled through every single person present, causing them to halt in their tracks.

[Trampling on our grass.... destroying our flower beds.... dirtying our property with your innards.... did you think that you would get away with this? Turn around.]

As if they were compelled by an unknown force, each and every person- human, snakeman, and birdman alike, found themselves moving on their own.

[Now stand still. Since you've taken the luxury to paint our lawn red, then I suppose there is only one thing that can be done. The stains have already been made. They can no longer be washed out. So what should we do?]

Each and every person was commanded to stand perfectly still. Their thoughts were still their own, yet their bodies seemed to be controlled, moving- or in this case, not moving, against their very will.

The signals to move were sent from the brains of the people, yet somehow they were cut off and prevented from reaching the correct appendages.

Looking forward, they saw it.

In front of them was a demon.

Her scarlet hair draped down her body, and in her hand was a staff which had red orbs on either side.

She walked forward with an expression of extreme pleasure as she sensually rubbed two fingers behind her own ear.

[I suppose the only thing that can be done is to paint over the stains. It is time to dye the entire field red.]


"You were all weak. If I was some sort of battle fanatic, perhaps I might say something along the lines of 'not a single person within this unit could entertain me. Isn't there anyone interesting here?' Fortunately, I am not a battle fanatic. I don't care to fight the strong. I don't want to fight someone on the same level as myself. Why?"

Berith pulled her finger, tightening the wires and dicing up the group of roughly 6000 men in an instant.

"Because it's so much more fun to trample on the weak who believe they're strong."


Kyle then gripped the skull like a bowling ball, where his fingers had pressed holes into, and tore it off.

The sound of a spinal cord and vertebrae tearing from the man's neck were overtaken by the intense screams of the people around.

A spray of blood covered Kyle, and he looked over to the crowd of people rushing towards the doors.

'How greedy, trying only to save themselves at the expense of others...'

Kyle reeled his arm back as if he were a pitcher, with the head of the noble firmly clutched in his hand. The vertebrae flopped back, and Kyle held one hand on the forehead to steady it.

He wiggled his fingers around to loosen them from inside the skull, and then thrusted forward in the motion of a softball pitcher, and with an underhanded throw chucked the head over to the crowd of people.

It flew across the room at a great speed, spinning around with the spinal chord flying about as if it were a streamer or a tail at the end of a comet.

The head smacked itself into the back of a man who was shoving his way through.

"Oof! Agh!"

The man fell forward after losing his balance from the sudden impact, and grabbed onto the people in front of him, however this only brought them down with him as well.

This led to a domino effect of people toppling over each other, and one woman who looked back saw the head on the ground and witnessed Kyle staring at her with an amused face.

"Agh!!! The- he- agh!!! Help!!!"

Many people started screaming and crawling towards the door, each trampling over each other in attempts to get out the door.

It was complete chaos.

Kyle simply smiled, and yelled out "Looks like that was a strike!"


Man, this post was fun. I went back through a lot of my chapters and tried to find my favorite lines. There were so many that I was just like 'Ah, I want to put this so badly but it simply doesn't make any sense out of context.' But even so, I included quite a few good ones. I hope yall had fun reading!

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One of the small jokes MC made in his mind:

Quote:— Let's play "Guess what" again! In the absence of other players, the disqualification of the Heart of the World for cheating is canceled. So, guess what would have formed in the cores of the Earth and Theia, if it had not been for the catastrophic collision? You have one attempt this time.

— Could it be... me?

It sounded like the Heart of the World had a heart attack. Why did I even think of this dumb joke?

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Quote:I suppose that that there’s the difference between wisdom and intelligence. Because none of this insight I was chock full of gave me a solution.

This is my favorite line in what I have written so far. My character has presently been in their head a lot, since I'm near the start, and I plan on them returning there to reflect when, you know, normal people would be reflecting. So I need a few lines that stand out, and I feel that that one does. He's never going to just use a common saying to replace actual thought; Rather, I get to twist a lot of common sayings on their head. It's fun.