Re: How to fade mature content to black/grey?

Using color to "fade it" won't work, because light-mode/dark-mode/colorblind mode will interfere with that... perhaps using spoilers.

All that said, during this writeathon, you're supposed to avoid that, not just hide it, based on what they say in the rules.  

Quote:Extra Rule:

For the duration of the contest, the story can’t include sexual content.
The story can’t be a Fanfiction.

So in this case you would need to fade to black by not putting it in.

Re: How to fade mature content to black/grey?


OntoSomethingGood Wrote: Oh my! What a fool I am 

Well, I can't do it in my scene, as the lights must be on although dimmed 😒 and my leads don't go the whole hog. 
I'll see what I can do anyway.

You can fade to black without actually fading to black.

I'll be a bit more clear:

"Fading to black" simply means ending the scene by implying the characters are gonna be doing the dirty. It comes from visual media where movies or TV would often change scenes with a scene transition (usually a fading black, with the lights going off to mask the actual transition).

Other common "fades to black" include the lovers walking (or more often, the man carrying the woman) into a room and shutting the door behind them with the camera still outside.

Really any "chapter end" or scene transition works, "fading to black" tends to usually refer to transitioning to a different scene after an implied sex scene.

As an example, here's the epilogue of my 2nd episode of my story (go all the way to the end, where it starts "A low scratching and shuffling"). The ending is a "fade to black" without being a sex scene, but an implied fight scene.

I hope this helps clear things up a bit :)